Transform Call Center Efficiency with Self-Service Triage

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In the fast-paced world of customer service, every minute counts.

One of the most significant time wasters in call centers occurs during the initial moments of contact, as agents work to collect preliminary information from customers.

These are the most basic questions, the ones that must be answered before support can move forward.

But what if you could do away with those introductions?

What if customers could provide that information before the call is accepted?

What if agents already knew the answers and could use that context to get a head start on every call?

What if you could streamline every step of support by giving customers the ability to identify themselves, their products, and their issues… BEFORE speaking the first word to an agent?

Empowering Customers with Self-Identification

SightCall enables you to create a simple and completely customized digital process that customers can use to self-identify and provide information before engaging an agent.

Prompts to submit preliminary information can come through auto responses from live chat or interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Right from their smartphone or tablet, customers can click a link to provide essential details about themselves, their products, and the specific issues they are facing.

Instead of taking up time spelling their last name or trying to read the fine print on a hard-to-locate serial number sticker, customers and agents can get right to making things right.

"67% of customers prefer self-service options."

- Zendesk

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency

Our solution is designed to work where (and how) you work.

SightCall seamlessly integrates with your call center software. We understand that the key to improving overall efficiency starts by collaborating and communicating with the biggest enterprise software platforms and tools.

API is in our DNA.

All of that pre-call customer information is instantly uploaded to your customer support system, eliminating the need for agents to manually collect and input data.

By automating this initial step, you can significantly improve efficiency and allocate your agents' time more effectively.

"Organizations that automate data capture processes experience a 50% reduction in average handling time."

- Forrester

Intelligent Call Routing for Personalized Support

With SightCall, you have the power to leverage your own routing rules to ensure that each call is directed to the most suitable agent for the specific issue at hand.

This level of intelligent call routing enhances the customer experience by connecting them with agents with the right expertise. It also reduces wait times and minimizes transfers.

"83% of consumers prefer dealing with knowledgeable agents who can resolve their issues in a single interaction."

- Accenture

Deflection Capabilities for Time and Cost Savings

Automatically deflecting calls will reduce the burden on agents and save valuable time.

Utilizing self-service options and leveraging the pre-call information provided by customers, makes it easier to resolve issues without the need for agent involvement.

Your team can avoid calls altogether that are about the wrong brand, non-service related questions or inquiries better handled by sales.

This self-service runway not only streamlines the support process but also enables your agents to focus on the most complex and critical customer inquiries.

"Organizations with self-service capabilities have experienced a 10% increase in customer satisfaction rates."

- Aberdeen Group

Every Second Counts

Time is money in the call center industry, and even small time-saving measures can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Cutting just two minutes from every support interaction through the implementation of SightCall, could translate to millions of dollars in savings every year.

Shorter call times allow agents to handle more calls within a given time frame. This increased efficiency means that fewer agents are needed to handle the same call volume, resulting in reduced labor costs.

"Reducing call handle time by just 10% can result in annual savings of up to $1.4 million for a contact center handling 500,000 calls annually."


Elevate Customer Experience with SightCall

In the highly competitive consumer goods industry, delivering exceptional customer service is paramount.

By seamlessly integrating customer self-identification, automating data capture, and enabling intelligent call routing, SightCall empowers agents to understand the full context of each call and resolve issues more efficiently.

SightCall equips call center managers and leaders with the tools to transform their operations and provide a superior customer experience.

By implementing self-identification processes, leveraging data integration, and optimizing call routing, you can streamline your call center, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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