Consider the following situations:

After several hours on communities you decide to chat with an agent who offers you to do things that you already did 3 times to restore the service. You take the decision to call and you know will have to go through a painful IVR before getting to an agent who will ask you to do the same things over again…

The great news is that telcos are embracing the Visual Support video wave. Right from your community, chat or phone call discussions can be escalated to a live video session where you can collaborate with an agent who can see and immediately understand your problem.

Thomas Cottereau, SightCall’s CEO was invited to present how telcos can benefit from SightCall’s Real-Time Communication Platform. He explains that “it is not about seeing a person as you do with FaceTime, it is more about seeing the problem and help the customer solving it”.

After the insurance and retail industries, the telecom industry is leveraging the SightCall platform to provide the most efficient and cost-effective customer service while providing a better customer experience.

If improving customer service and reducing its overall cost are top priorities for your organization, let’s think out of the box and consider how a short video interaction can be worth 100,000 words on a forum, a chat or a voice call.