SightCall Spotlight: Olivier Bussel

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Olivier Bussel is SightCall’s VP Sales covering part of Southern Europe.

After earning his Master 2 in History at Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne university, a proposal from his brother-in-law landed him a job with a telecommunications company.

The position was supposed to be temporary, but Olivier quickly moved from marketing assistant to sales assistant to junior salesperson.

After landing one of the biggest contracts for the company, he decided he might have a talent for sales.

Olivier has never had any formal sales training and credits his successes to simply “listening to people.”

“I spend a lot of time listening and learning,” he said. “By building relationships and trust, I’ve become good at helping clients find and build the best solution.”

And when it comes to the business of selling technology solutions, Olivier prefers to stay grounded with a human touch.

“In the end, you need to trust those who run the company,” he said. “It’s not just the software, it’s the people too.”

Olivier started working for SightCall in 2015. He currently lives on an island on the River Marne outside of Paris.

What was your very first job?

I was an account executive at Equant, a global telecommunications company that was part of the aeronautical SITA Group.

Why SightCall? What was it about the company that appealed to you?

After more than 20 years spent in the telecommunications space I wanted to move to the software industry. I liked the fact that SightCall was solving business issues and digitizing business activity. Getting to talk more with the business side and less to the IT side of organizations was key in my decision to move to this company.

What are some of the biggest issues you’re seeing for businesses in Europe?

It’s an exciting time, but also challenging for Europe. We’re constantly dealing with the consequences of climate change and for us the war in Ukraine is close. Only two or three hours from Paris. So there is some uncertainty and caution at times, not only for our security but also the overall economic context. And of course, many companies and industries are not fully recovered from COVID.

What about opportunities?

There are all these great ideas happening in technology, especially with artificial intelligence and breakthroughs like ChatGPT. I remember back when people thought Google search was amazing!

We think we’re at the beginning of a new era in technology, but it’s really just a continuation of ideas. It’s exciting to think of the great things that we can do, and will be able to do.

Is it challenging to sell technology that is always changing?

When I started at SightCall, it was very cool. It was new, everybody was new and we were still discovering what we could do for our very first clients. We listened.

Today, we still start by listening. We have very capable, very talented engineers. Tools like our Digital Flows can offer exciting opportunities for companies, but sometimes it takes work to understand exactly how.

Sometimes I will say, “We don’t know yet what it can be used for for you… but you will tell us.” Finding the right solution always starts with a conversation and questions.

What's something about you that might surprise people?

One of my activities outside of SightCall is gardening...

What's your favorite way to spend your free time?

With friends in the middle of nature or at the seaside.

You get an all-expenses paid ticket to anywhere. Where do you go?

Maybe New York City as I've never been there and have some very extended family there. Or French Polynesia.. in which case it would be a one-way ticket!

What was the last book you read?

The Life of Stalin

What was the last TV show that hooked you?

I’m not fond of TV shows actually.

What's one movie that you will always rewatch?

Raiders of the Lost Ark

What was your first concert?

James Brown, 1989 in Paris

What would your friends or family say that you're OBSESSED with?


You said that you didn’t collect anything but I heard that you have an affinity for Land Rovers.

Yes I started in 1989 with a Land Rover 109 Series IIA of 1972, then Defender 90 of 1990. I’ve also owned a Triumph Spitfire of 1974 and a Yamaha VMAX motorcycle of 1989. But I’ve become more reasonable with a Range Rover Sport 2008, much more quiet and comfortable.

Who or what inspires you every day?

Just like Steve Jobs (I’m not comparing to him obviously...) I'm adept at walking meetings even if I cannot practice them a lot.

Anything else you’d like the world to know?

Global economic growth will have a limit and there is no Plan(et) B, we should think about it now!

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