San Francisco,CA (PRWEB) October 08, 2015

SightCall, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for live visual communications, today announced an $8.4 million round of funding, led by Idinvest Partners. The new round of funding is focused on growing sales and marketing in order to help more companies transform their industries with visual interactions much like several Fortune 100 companies that are currently disrupting their industries with SightCall. Customers and business frequently struggle to understand each other and explain issues effectively using traditional communication channels such as phone calls. Misunderstanding and poor communication costs companies billions of dollars annually. With SightCall, customers are able to show what they see and follow the guidance of an expert, solving problems and frustrations in real-time. By leveraging customers’ mobile phones companies enjoy drastic savings through fewer truck rolls, higher first-time resolution rates, and reducing unnecessary shipping costs. With its innovative process as simple as 1.2.3, SightCall transforms every text or phone call in a rich interaction. 1. An agent sends an SMS with a link to start a video session 2. The customer clicks on the link and starts the video with the back camera of his/her phone 3. The agent views the video and guides the customer to a resolution. Major industry-leading companies have already embraced the game-changing market shift, with the largest insurance provider in Europe and a pair of printer manufacturers with over $150 billion in annual revenue, among other industry-leading companies, using SightCall to deliver visual interactions. The latest round of funding will be used to expand sales and marketing to provide more companies with a new way to reduce costs and increase profits. “We are transforming the relationship between companies and their customers,” said Marc Della Torre, SVP of Business Development. “We discovered that more than 80% of customers are happy to use Visual Support on their mobile when they realize their issues will get resolved faster. By engaging customers in this new way, Companies are improving first call resolution rates, reducing returns and cutting unnecessary technician dispatches. Enabling their customers to directly connect with their brand using SightCall Visual Support, positively improves customer satisfaction and loyalty!” Witnessing the tremendous opportunity, service providers such as Tata Communications, Capgemini, and Salesforce are partnering with SightCall to bring visual interactions to market. About SightCall SightCall is the leading global Software as a Service (SaaS) platform leveraging WebRTC for live visual communications. SightCall provides its customers a solution that complements their existing tools, environment, and processes to solve customer problems. SightCall offers both business applications as well as APIs and SDKs enabling enterprises to simply configure their preferred customer visual support experience without requiring software development.