SightCall partners with the TRIG Accessibility Programme

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Charlotte Thorpe-Costa Director of Marketing- EMEA & APAC

The TRIG: Accessibility Programme, in partnership with Connected Places Catapult (CPC), will partner with SightCall on a project called TravelAssist, to support and empower vulnerable passengers with real-time assistance while traveling as part of the UK’s Department for Transport Accessibility Transport Research and Innovation Grant.

To further their mission to eliminate barriers for passengers with disabilities, this initiative implements technology solutions that build on existing features like route planning and pre-scheduled support. By adding visual assistance, powered by SightCall, passengers, no matter their circumstances, can get immediate assistance while traveling with anything from reading signs and planning routes to confirming schedules and verifying their location.

"We’re committed to making transport accessible for all and this investment, along with the Inclusive Transport Strategy, will build a better, fairer network for the future."

- Chris Heaton-Harris Accessibility Minister

The Department for Transport recognizes that there are 13.9 million people with disabilities in the UK who need convenient access to travel for work, leisure, and daily life. Currently, 40% of disabled people experience issues when travelling by train in the UK. Additionally, by 2050 1 in 4 people in the UK will be aged 65 years or over and might require additional assistance while traveling. The TRIG: Accessibility Programme works to ensure equal access to public transportation with choice and dignity and without extra costs.

"We’re thrilled to have been selected as part of this cohort with our TravelAssist project. We want to be able to improve the experience and accessibility for all passengers through our visual assistance technology. Everyone should feel empowered to travel with confidence and get immediate access to support should they ever need it."

- Richard Forsyth Senior Sales Director at SightCall

By extending services with on-demand visual assistance, travelers with disabilities can use public transportation with confidence at any time, without needing to pre-schedule services. Within the TravelAssist app, any passenger can click an “assist me” button that will immediately connect them with a help desk representative, who can support them on their journey.

"It is our aim that these solutions will enable access to England’s transport services for passengers who may need support when traveling to connect with the places around them."

- Nicola Yates OBE CEO, Connected Places Catapult

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