McLean, VA- ServicePower Inc., a market leader in workforce management software, has signed a technology partnership agreement with Sightcall, a leading global provider of real-time video interactions between business and customers. The partnership will help ServicePower’s customers reduce time fixing assets in the field so that costs are reduced and customer services are improved. Sightcall’s video-based on-site communications technology will be available in ServicePower’s mobile sightcall.jpgworkforce management solution. Reducing time wasted attempting to explain a problem over the phone, field workers will be able to physically display what’s happening on-site and get the assistance required to quickly complete each job or appointment.

"Delivered on a SaaS platform, SightCall’s video assistance will enable ServicePower’s customers to embrace the next step of digital transformation of their process by being able to see and guide remotely,” commented Thomas Cottereau CEO, SightCall. “Much better than trying to explain and resolve complex problems verbally on a phone call, ServicePower’s workforce management platform will enable mobile workers to use live video to show an expert the problem encountered, to receive live guidance using their mobile phone’s display, with on-screen pointers and drawing, the remote expert camera zooming and even session recording. Experts can even share appropriate knowledge base resources directly with the field technician’s mobile device; these can include wiring diagrams and other critical materials during the call.”

Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower said “This is another example of ServicePower adding effective digital technology to its platform so that field workers can provide the best experience to every customer. Using live two-way video Sightcall enables ServicePower to further empower on-site mobile workers. Field personnel ranging from repair technicians to insurance adjusters, smart home installation providers, and home healthcare providers, can tap into the resources they need to quickly provide real-time resolution for consumers.”

For further information, please contact: ServicePower Jenniffer Breitenstein

About ServicePower

For companies providing field service, ServicePower is the only field service and mobile workforce management platform supporting hybrid workforce management, enabling organizations to save money, improve customer satisfaction and drive new revenue by efficiently managing both captive and 3rd party service providers. ServicePower uniquely combines customer entitlement and real-time communications, schedule and route optimization, work order, asset and inventory management, service and maintenance contract management, contractor management and dispatch, warranty and claims management, field mobility, and business intelligence of all field service interactions, in a single solution.

ServicePower also offers a fully managed network of 3rd party service providers to enable rapid and high-quality on-demand “spill-over” servicing at peak times and in hard-to-reach locations across North America and Europe.

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