SAN FRANCISCO, July 13, 2021

SightCall, an augmented-reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered visual assistance platform, today announced it has partnered with Peak Scientific, a leading innovator and global expert in high-performance nitrogen and hydrogen gas generator solutions for use in laboratories around the world. SightCall enables Peak Scientific to deliver its industry-leading Visual Support offering remote technical assistance to customers using their generators as well technicians servicing generators in the field.

“Service is a top priority for Peak Scientific. Offering Visual Support via the SightCall application will close the distance between us and our global customer base, allowing us to accurately diagnose problems remotely and support on-site technicians. During the test period alone, we’ve achieved a 97% first-time fix rate.” Mike Hughes, Global Service Delivery Manager, Peak Scientific.

Customers who contact the technical support desk for service questions can now be seamlessly routed to a SightCall video session that is integrated into Peak Scientific’s Zendesk customer service platform. Service agents leverage this remote support capability to triage, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues with reliable HD video and a robust AR and AI feature set.

For Peak Scientific, remote diagnosis is a key element of introducing Visual Support using SightCall. If a service issue requires in-person service from a Field Service Engineer (FSE), the insights and documentation from the visual support session ensures correct diagnoses of the problem as well ensuring any specialized parts or tools needed to ensure a first-time fix can be ordered and shipped in advance. If the problem is unusual or highly technical, the FSE can use SightCall to connect with a technical specialist while onsite for better support and guidance.

By partnering with SightCall to deliver Visual Support, Peak Scientific has been able to maintain business continuity, improve customer service, and deliver the technology and resources their engineers need to complete their tasks effectively. Adoption and feedback from FSEs and customers has been incredibly positive, with over 97% of customers that used SightCall saying it was helpful, easy to use, and they would use it again.

Led by these early successes, Peak Scientific is rolling out Visual Support to its global engineer network, working in over 25 countries to deliver direct service to customers all over the world.

“We’re excited to partner with Peak Scientific to support their digital transformation. By helping their experts accurately diagnose and troubleshoot problems in real time, they can minimize service interruptions, resolve issues quickly and efficiently for their customers, and super-charge their already stellar service experience.” Jason Chapman, Sales Director, UK, SightCall

About Peak Scientific:

A leading innovator and global expert in high-performance nitrogen and hydrogen gas generator systems for use in laboratories around the world. Rather than using gas cylinders, Peak Scientific customers use their gas generator solutions which are a more cost-effective alternative. While gas cylinders need ongoing delivery, admin, and rental costs, gas generators are safer, more energy-efficient, and economical. Additionally, service is delivered consistently with on-demand, on-site support. Peak Scientific sells into over 120 countries globally and has offices in the US, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, France, UAE, Australia, and Japan. Web:

About SightCall:

SightCall is the world’s leading augmented-reality and artificial-intelligence-powered video cloud platform, delivering live, remote interactions between businesses and customers on every continent around the globe. In a connected, mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely. With nearly 15 years of experience in remote video assistance, SightCall helps businesses transform their customer service and field service with the power of augmented reality and live video. The company has offices in San Francisco (HQ), Boston, Austin, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Sydney, and Singapore.