Great news for consumers: brands, manufacturers, retailers heard our complaints:

In many circumstances, a live chat with a customer service agent is not enough. Even IVRs and phone calls are notoriously not a great experience. If you are expecting to turn to social media for a solution to this problem, you would not find any reliable assistance. Self-service and communities also don’t answer all your questions and don’t solve all your problems, but don’t worry, the video movement has started. Get ready!

A very well-known French retailer named Darty took time and effort to be known as “le partenaire de confiance”, or “The partner of trust”. In France, everyone knows their Kangoos, which are never too far from you and can come help you fix all of your home appliances and electronic devices. In the past 5 years, this company was able to transform its famous quality of customer service to the digital world and online shopping wave. How did they do this? By providing you the ability to chat with one of their service specialists when you have a question or a problem? Sort of. Darty took a step further. They believed that the human relation experience they provided in-person needed to be adapted to the digital and mobile world.

Customer Service With a Human Touch

Two problems arise from this new anticipated method of customer service. The first problem is Darty staying in touch with its customers. How can Darty always be one touch away? Darty materialized a genius idea: The Darty Button. With a mere click of a button, you are connected with a live agent within the next 5 minutes. The second problem is Darty keeping a human relationship with its customers. It became obvious that video call was the answer they’d been waiting for. But how did they make this possible? Obviously having a skype between their repair technician and their customers would not have worked. Skype is based on a network of friends that need to be connected together. Skype for Business is based on the same mechanism, but it is based around groups of colleagues and business relatives instead of friends and family.

The perfect match was SightCall, a real-time video platform service providing the ability to add video into Darty’s experience.

For the customer, this service is simply amazing. One-touch on the Darty button (physical button or digital button) and a Darty expert pops up on your mobile screen; he’s there to help you with your questions or problems. He is also equipped with his digital tools, which replace his screwdriver and hammer with the ability to see what you show him and write on your screen to guide you through your problem. Not only that, but utilizing the panel of information he has access to on his CRM, your Darty service assistant can share with you the appropriate manual right there, live on your phone.

I am impressed by this amazing transformation made by Darty. I am proud that SightCall provides them the tool to make this service real. This new customer service method creates an intimate relationship between The Darty and its customers, which is just what large business corporations need to maintain their clients’ satisfaction.

Bravo Darty, thanks for making your customers happy by staying so close to them, even in our digital world.