5 Things You Need to Know About SightCall's Spring 2023 Release

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"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"

- Robin Williams

When it comes to spring releases, Mother Nature is a tough act to follow.

How can we compete with lush greenery and the full technicolor splendor of a billion blooming flowers and plants?

We can’t.

But what we CAN do is bring you the latest and greatest version of SightCall, with a list of updated and added features designed to make your daily work day feel a little more like a stroll through the park on a sunny day.

Here are five things you need to know…

1. With the new SightCall dashboard, admins can always see how their licenses are being used.

This includes all typical use cases, as well as recordings, live speech translation, and multiparty. The dashboard provides a clear overview of services and license usage, so you can always be sure you're using your SightCall subscription to its fullest potential.

2. We’re giving our customers more control over their customer service agent experience with SightCall.

When a new agent or user is added, they receive an email. We’re now providing greater ability to control this email, giving you the power to customize the From, Subject, and Body fields of this agent activation email. You can also personalize it with specific variables such as the agent's display name, login link, and registration link.

3. Guests can now test their audio and video quality before joining a call, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

You can also add custom branding to the call experience, making it more personalized and engaging. Additionally, guests can now be prompted to accept camera and microphone permissions before joining the call, and you can show them specific screens, such as forms to complete or photos to upload.

4. Our digital flow experience can now reach a global audience like never before, thanks to translation options that are now supported within a digital flow.

This means that all text contained within a single digital flow can be translated, providing greater flexibility no matter what your user's language preference is. You can now create one digital flow to support multiple languages, eliminating the need to create separate flows for each language.

5. SightCall is continuously improving its products and services to better serve its customers.

Recent enhancements include UI improvements, a reporting add-on, new apps in the marketplace, more flexible photo settings, and additional context on guest pages. SightCall understands that the best way to learn and grow is to listen to its customers, who are the true experts.

Is that every change and update? Nope. There are lots more.

And keep in mind that we’re working all year to update, improve and enhance the SightCall platform.

If you’re already a SightCall customer and want to see more, you can find the full Release Notes in your SightCall help center.

If you’re NOT a SightCall customer and want to know how the latest SightCall updates can boost efficiency and reduce costs for YOUR business, feel free to get in touch and start the conversation.

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