New technology has a history of being mistaken for magic.

Centuries ago, some believed that compasses, clocks and telescopes were tools of witchcraft. Even the printing press was viewed with supernatural suspicion.

Thankfully, we’re all much savvier these days. Not many people believe their smartphones are powered by sorcery.

But just because we understand more about how new technology works, doesn’t mean we still can’t be impressed by it.

The ability to instantly communicate via video with anyone, anywhere? That still FEELS a little like magic.

And when you use that magic at work to see more, solve faster and serve better? It can feel like a SUPERPOWER.

We’ve put together a quick video reminder of how SightCall completely transforms the way you deliver service for your customers.

So if you’re interested in giving your engineers and technicians the kind of field service superpowers that will help them defeat downtime and consistently save the day?

Read on!

  1. Bullseye Accuracy - Never get stumped on-ste again and fix it right the first time with expert backup at the push of a button!

  2. Remarkable Speed - Waiting? Not today. Techs get answers and expert assistance faster than lightning to close tickets quickly and consistently defeat downtime.

  3. Uncanny Cost Reduction - Roll fewer trucks by engaging Remote Expert Guidance for off-site triage and on-site collaboration. Shrink those oversized fuel, time and travel expenses down to size.

  4. Safety Vision - Danger doesn’t stand a chance when you’ve got an extra set of expert eyes on site. Master compliance and minimize mistakes!

  5. Teleportation - Our reliable network delivers a service expert anywhere, and anytime, you need one! SightCall not only empowers your service team, but helps you provide ongoing technical support and self-service options for customers.

Want to learn more about transforming your service team? Let’s start the conversation.