3 Blockbuster Features of SightCall’s Summer Release

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"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

- Chief Brody JAWS

When Jaws was released in 1975, it became the first bona fide summer blockbuster.

People all over the world packed movie theaters… and avoided the water.

Star Wars made an even bigger splash in 1977.

Every year since, Hollywood has used the sunniest season to showcase its biggest, loudest, and most spectacular movies.

Here at SightCall, our Summer Release may seem low-key in comparison (no explosions, car chases or giant sharks), but if you’re in search of great new features to help you deliver remarkable service?

These ARE the droids you’re looking for.

Here are three features worth the price of admission…

Agents Dashboard: Easy-to-Read Metrics Insights

What It Does

Provides visibility and insights for all SightCall sessions. The at-a-glance dashboard can show you how many agents are available, how many agents are active during a defined period, average call per agent and average duration per agent.

Why It Matters

Data helps you make better business decisions. You can monitor trends for future forecasting and planning, ensure efficient resource allocation of agents, and meet SLAs (service level agreements for service). Averages can help define what’s possible with an existing service desk and can be vital when designing a roadmap of where to go next.

Agents Leaderboard: Competition for Continuous Improvement

What It Does

Adds an element of competition. The Agent Dashboard can display Top Agents (1st, 2nd, 3rd places) and Most Improved among other metrics specific to the call agent experience.

Why It Matters

Gamification strategy has a positive impact on the customer service department. It can boost the motivation and engagement of customer service agents by turning their tasks into a game-like experience.

Results show agent performance significantly improves using gamification, leading to faster response times, higher customer satisfaction ratings, and increased issue resolution rates.

And games also encourage teamwork. Gamification can be leveraged as a great training tool by encouraging agents to exchange tips and techniques that help their colleagues “up their game.”

ACD Priorities: Resource Allocation for Faster Response and Resolution

What It Does

ACD Priorities can now be configured per agent on the ACD use-case in order to set the level of an agent. This helps admins place a higher priority on certain agents or teams/groups of agents.

Why It Matters:

Implementing tiered levels of support using the ACD Priority feature enhances the customer experience and optimizes customer service operations. Success of such tiered support can be seen through improved efficiency, enhanced skill development and motivation, and optimized costs of resources.

For managers, it allows them to provide a clear path for agents who want to “level up” on the service desk. More experienced agents can transition to handling more high priority and complex calls.

Want to Learn More?

All these features are designed to bring more utility and clarity to your use of SightCall.

We are continuously looking to improve the way you monitor and measure performance.

And even though our July Release does NOT feature Tom Cruise driving a motorcycle off a cliff, we still hope you find it exciting.

He does a pretty good job saving the world from fake bad guys, but honestly, we’re much better at helping clients see more, solve faster, and serve better.

That’s our mission, and we choose to accept it.

If you’re already a SightCall customer and want to see more, you can find the full July Release Notes in your SightCall help center.

If you’re NOT a SightCall customer and want to know how the latest SightCall updates can boost efficiency and reduce costs for YOUR business, feel free to get in touch and start the conversation.

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