A Global Mining Equipment Manufacturer Taps into Connected Service with Remote Visual Assistance

This leading mining company provides essential mining equipment, systems, and solutions used by companies worldwide to extract the fundamental minerals needed to develop modern infrastructure, technology, and consumer products.

Supporting major mining activity with over 60,000 employees in service centers and manufacturing facilities in 142 countries across the globe, this company realized the power of digital transformation to continue its mission to revolutionize mining for a sustainable future while providing exceptional service to its customers.

Mining equipment is precise, powerful, and crucial to a mine’s operations and revenue generation. Not only can unplanned downtime be costly, but it can also sometimes incur additional fines. The manufacturer realized the potential for remote visual assistance to reduce downtime, a significant value-add for their partners, while increasing efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

The Power of a Global Video Platform

By partnering with SightCall, the manufacturer can now connect their onsite field technicians directly with experts in the factory to troubleshoot, triage, and initiate repairs in a matter of minutes. The platform performs well even with low bandwidth, which was a key requirement for technicians working from mining sites all over the world.

The ability to store data from SightCall sessions directly into client case files in Salesforce, including troubleshooting steps or any needed replacement parts, was an important differentiator in digitally transforming their leading service offering. During the support process, onsite technicians sometimes need to have their hands free. SightCall’s support for RealWear glasses, in addition to a variety of handheld devices, was important.

Sustainable, Efficient, On-Demand Support Delivered Remotely

With remote visual assistance, powered by SightCall, the manufacturer can essentially teleport their experts anywhere in the world to give instant help to their technicians and the mining clients and operations they support. Reducing travel not only reduces downtime, but it’s also an important part of a commitment to increasing sustainability in the mining industry.

Customers of the manufacturer save money and are more satisfied with the services they receive. As an example, machinery downtime can cost mines between $60,000 and $80,000 an hour, and in some cases trigger additional penalties. Since deploying SightCall, the average resolution time for support has been reduced from two days to two hours. This means a potential savings of up to $368,000 for every piece of equipment that needs attention.

"Just being able to have a data analyst look at the machine in many cases provided an easy fix, saving hours of downtime. Using SightCall increases safety, sustainability, and satisfaction while reducing risks and drastically reducing downtime."

- Head of Service Operations

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