RealWear's Assisted Reality solutions in combination with SightCall facilitate remote inspections and reduce Apave's carbon footprint

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Paris, France — March 8th, 2022– RealWear, a world leader in assisted reality solutions for field workers, is adapting to meet the needs of its customers who are looking to be more responsive and efficient remotely.

The RealWear HMT-1®, HMT1Z1 (Atex zone 1 version) or RealWear Navigator™ 500 assisted reality devices allow companies who perform inspections to be more responsive for supervision missions with their customers, improve the efficiency of their teams, increase their safety and increase the availability of experts who remain remotely.

RealWear devices allow on-site workers to instantly contact remote experts to assist them on a daily basis or during an emergency intervention. When faced with situations that require a high level of expertise, thanks to the devices’ built-in camera, they have the ability to contact an expert or experts who can assist them in making decisions while allowing the responder to move freely and use their hands. Previously, they had to take pictures with a phone, email them to the experts and wait for their response, which significantly lengthened inspection times.

By enabling remote experts to assist field workers, it’s easy to work for more customers every day while reducing your carbon footprint with remote inspection. Where a surveyor might have been stuck for an entire day performing one inspection, they can do two or more remotely. This reduces the time required to meet customer needs.

Our client Apave, an international group specializing in risk management for 150 years, testifies to the benefits of our assisted reality solution: “The project with RealWear is really beneficial for us as the use of assisted reality has enabled us to respond more quickly and efficiently to our customers’ requests,” explains Harold, Digital and Innovation Director of the Apave Group. “We are now more agile in the field. All we need is an internet connection and we can respond immediately with the highest possible level of expertise, regardless of location. The support of RealWear and Lunaar, who took care of the deployment, allowed us to be operational very quickly.

The latter benefited in particular from the support of Lunaar, RealWear’s Gold partner, which was in charge of deploying the devices as well as the associated SightCall video conferencing solution, as well as training the teams.

“The use of assisted reality solutions was studied by companies before the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is clear that the pandemic has considerably accelerated the need for remote intervention capabilities,” explains Frédérique Vautel, Territory Manager Southern Europe and the Francophone Countries for RealWear. “Our solution has been the answer for many companies because it is recognized as much for the technical capabilities of the devices as for their durability and adaptability to our customers’ existing tools.”

À propos de RealWear

RealWear® est une société de plateforme de transfert de connaissances fournissant des informations in situ et des formations sur le terrain avec des logiciels et du matériel pour aider les gens à améliorer la sécurité et à augmenter la productivité au travail. Le système phare de la société, le HMT-1®, est le meilleur ordinateur robuste monté sur la tête, portable, de classe Android, qui libère les mains d’un travailleur pour les tâches dangereuses. Grâce à un nombre toujours croissant d’applications et d’intégrations logicielles mains libres prêtes pour l’entreprise, les entreprises clientes obtiennent des connaissances instantanées pour un dépannage et une communication plus rapides, ainsi qu’une inspection avec un mentor à distance, une assistance visuelle, une navigation dans les documents, une visualisation IoT industrielle et des solutions de flux de travail numériques.

Les leaders mondiaux des secteurs de l’énergie, de la fabrication et de l’automobile font confiance aux HMT-1 et HMT-1Z1 pour habiliter et connecter leur main-d’œuvre mondiale. Des entreprises opérant à l’échelle mondiale dans divers secteurs, notamment Shell, Colgate-Palmolive, BMW et State Grid, font confiance à RealWear.

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