New Features in SightCall’s April Release

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Keeping our users happy is a top priority at SightCall. We rely on continuous feedback to ensure we are building tools that help our users get work done. As such, we are excited to announce new heavily requested features, Photo Annotation and the new No-App Experience.

Photo Annotation

The new photo annotation feature extends the capability of our live video annotations to photos captured during a SightCall visual support session. Agents can add notes and illustrations to any photos to send precise instructions, highlight potential issues, and suggest next steps.

Building on the success of live annotation, SightCall has responded to requests to support the same powerful AR annotations to photos. Agents can select photos from their gallery and mark them up before saving them. This provides an easy way to document cases for customer service sessions.

Photo annotation can also be useful for pre-visit inspections conducted using remote visual support. Agents can add comments and notes for technicians who will be dispatched to ensure the on-site visit is efficient and successful.

For insurance companies using SightCall for visual claims, photo annotations can help streamline claim processes through intuitive visual documentation.

SightCall No-App Experience (BETA)

An expansion of the SightCall visual support for guest connections, the No-App Experience will allow customers to get remote support without downloading the Visual Support app. Customers or field technicians receive a link via text or email and join a SightCall session by clicking the link, even if they do not have the app installed. While SightCall has supported WebRTC for some time, this release expands that support by taking advantage of newer mobile technologies offered by both iOS and Android. The iOS App Clips and Android Instant App technology allows a guest joining a SightCall session to experience the Visual Support app without needing to go through the app installation process.

With the SightCall No-App Experience guests joining a visual support session will be able to experience the full capabilities of a SightCall remote support session without any installation needed. Full access to all features will be available including everything from the Optical Character Reader to AR measurements and annotation.

By combining the ease of WebRTC with the full feature functionality of our visual support app, service organizations can offer quick and convenient remote support to their customers or techncians. This is especially useful for Customer Service organizations, where customers only need occasional or one-time support. Without the need to install a dedicated app, customers can simply click a link, join a call, and have their problems solved by a remote expert.

The SightCall no-app experience is available now as a beta for our users to begin testing. We thing users will enjoy getting the full power and performance of the Visual Support app with the convenience of no app installation.

To find out all the ways you can leverage these features to increase efficiency and empower your agents, contact us today.