San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

Weemo, a unique cloud-based real-time video service provider, is partnering with leading software vendors and service providers to deliver cost-effective embedded real-time video experiences built on WebRTC.

Through a simple click in any browser, or a tap on a mobile application, users can engage in live video conversations involving one or more stakeholders from within their business applications. Simply put, Weemo makes immediate, ad hoc, in-app video collaboration much easier than relying on expensive video communication infrastructure or cumbersome third party video conferencing technology.

Weemo’s solution incorporates support for WebRTC, an initiative endorsed by Google and Mozilla, which enhances web browsers with rich Real-Time Communications capabilities. Weemo extends WebRTC’s functionality with a multi-platform cloud service that harnesses the company’s proven and global carrier-class infrastructure. The result is a B2B solution that responds to all business needs, including support for non-WebRTC browsers and native applications with screen sharing and multi-point video collaboration capabilities.

“We absolutely love what WebRTC is doing for real-time communications,” said Soufiane Houri, Head of Product at Weemo, “and we’re expecting to see 30% of our video sessions using at least one WebRTC browser by 2014. For non-WebRTC devices and browsers, however, only Weemo provides a truly inclusive solution that automatically adapts to the best available technology.”

Using a high-level cloud API in Weemo.js and iOS/Android Software Development Kits (SDKs), the company is simplifying and effectively eliminating many of the roadblocks that currently hinder software developers. There’s no need to deal with native APIs, signaling, relay servers and distributed infrastructure to allow NAT and firewall traversal, or set up multi-party video conferencing servers. Weemo’s managed cloud service eliminates the difficulties long associated with video communication, and makes integration simple for enterprise software developers.

“Application developers are not necessarily well-versed in all the intricacies of Voice and Video over IP or distributed networking, so we delivered APIs that they understand, and removed the complexities of deploying and maintaining the requisite underlying communications backbone. We handle that, so they can focus on delivering innovative video-enabled business applications that automatically take advantage of WebRTC,” said Thomas Cottereau, Weemo Co-Founder and CEO.

About Weemo, Inc.

Founded in 2007, Weemo is an innovator in cloud-based real-time communication services. As a unique provider of secure and managed video collaboration services in the cloud, Weemo’s vision is to make video collaboration accessible to everyone, in every business application, on every device. Weemo offers APIs to integrate voice, video, conferencing, and collaborative services to software providers looking to empower their solutions.

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This article has been edited to reflect the Weemo name change. For more information, see our press release on the company rebranding to SightCall