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New Product Webinar: SightCall Digital Flows

Click here to register for our Digital Flows Webinar on November 10th at 11 am EST.

SightCall is building on the success of our leading AR-powered Visual Assistance platform by offering a new digital process automation solution: SightCall Digital Flows.

Automation is changing the way work gets done, and in turn how field service and customer service organizations scale and transform their workforces. SightCall Digital Flows is an advanced digital process automation solution that delivers visual step-by-step guidance to users on any mobile device and integrates into any CSM or FSM system.

By following a customized Digital Flow, technicians can easily complete their work and collect information in a convenient manner, reducing burdensome administrative tasks. Procedures such as manuals, maintenance instructions, inspection checklists, and more are delivered within a Digital Flow to increase accuracy, efficiency, safety, and compliance.

Customer procedures can also be delivered via Digital Flow so customers perform self-service, maintenance, troubleshooting, product setup, and other routine tasks.

SightCall Digital Flows Use Cases

By partnering with SightCall, service organizations can transform manual processes into digital processes to ensure unified work execution, seamless data collection, and a better customer experience to deliver better business outcomes.

Benefits of SightCall Digital Flows

SightCall Digital Flows provides intelligent, self-service capabilities to technicians in the field and customers on the go. Join us on Wednesday, November 10th at 11 am EST to learn how SightCall is disrupting digital process automation with the first solution that brings the powerful augmented reality and artificial intelligence capabilities of visual assistance into an autonomous workflow experience.

Click here to register for our Digital Flows Webinar on November 10th at 11 am EST