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Episode 6: Insights on Elevating Field Service Training and Support

Episode 5: Redefining Repair: A Digital Transformation Dialogue with Sears Home Services

Digital transformation and innovation isn't easy. And doing it for a 132-year-old company brings its own unique set of challenges. But you'll hear right from the start that David Steckel is up to the task. As Head of Product and Innovation for Sears Home Services, he's fully embracing the service technology revolution and tackling innovation head on. During a break in the action at Field Service Palm Springs, David sat down with another David (SightCall's VP of Product Marketing, David Swift) for a quick chat about automation, AI and building better customer journeys from scratch.

Episode 4: How to Empower Your Field Techs to Exceed Customer Expectations

Episode 3: Virtual Healthcare - How to Improve the Telehealth Experience for Provider and Patients

Episode 2: Unlock the Value of an AI Knowledge Base

Episode 1: A Visionary Approach to Field Service