SightCall July Release 2021

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With the July release, two AI-powered translation features will empower remote support agents by eliminating communication barriers.

Live Speech Translation

Using AI-powered Natural Language Processing, SightCall sessions will feature speech translation by displaying subtitles on screen in real-time. Natural Language Processing (NLP) combines computational linguistics with statistical machine and deep learning models to allow computers to process human language in more natural ways.

With speech translation, service agents can solve problems based on their area of expertise, no matter what language the user speaks or where they are located. Agents can effectively communicate in over 140 languages to solve problems, provide support, or complete inspections and remotely anywhere in the world.

OCR Translation

SightCall’s Optical Character Reader uses computer vision to scan text during live video sessions and convert it to text. Now, using the same AI-powered technology the OCR can instantly translate printed text to allow remote experts to read signs, labels, and instructions while providing support.

Being able to instantly understand product labels, instructions, warnings, and signs increases insights for agents while providing more situational awareness for increased safety. Agents can easily copy and paste any translated text for documentation and record-keeping.

Microsoft Outlook add-in

In addition to these AI-powered features, SightCall now offers a Microsoft Outlook add-in that will allow organizations to add regularly scheduled SightCall sessions to their Outlook Calendar. When creating an event, such as a routine inspection or maintenance session, selecting the option to add SightCall Session to the event will auto-populate connection details for the SightCall session. The information is synchronized with outlook so if the event is rescheduled, the SightCall session information updates as well.