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Marion Peyrou is a Solutions Architect at SightCall and has been with the company through tremendous growth over the past four years. Currently working remotely from her home office in Paris, Marion talked to us about her experience working at SightCall and her role in making such a powerful global platform to help clients across continents and industries

What drew you to SightCall and your current role?

“I was drawn to the combination of using my technical knowledge and having direct contact with customers and helping them solve their problems. I love being a part of such a multicultural and global team and getting to speak three different languages every week.”

After completing her master’s degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Marion worked in security and network systems roles. Although she enjoyed the technical aspects of the job she didn’t have many opportunities to interact with customers and wanted a more direct line to driving solutions for people, which she found at SightCall. Along with her impressive technical skills, she is also a fluent speaker of French, English, and German. This was incredibly valuable as in the early days of SightCall when a small group of employees was serving companies all over the world.

There is no “typical” workday for Marion. Her department used to handle everything from the initial customer demos through continued support for SightCall customers. Now SightCall has expanded their teams, especially the Customer Success team, and she works mostly on post-sales projects including setting up and monitoring integrations.

She also serves as a technical point of escalation to help customers quickly resolve problems and helps train the growing Customer Success Management team and develops processes that ensure client success. Marion also helps develop customer demos showing specific applications of the SightCall platform and her ongoing integration projects give her the balance of technical problem solving and communicating and partnering with customers that she enjoys most.

What sets the SightCall platform apart?

“Companies using SightCall have seen that the platform not only makes their work better, but it also makes their lives better. They are able to do things more efficiently and eliminate hours of travel. They have more time with their families, more time for their hobbies. They are able to solve problems more quickly for their customers which increases satisfaction on both sides.”

Marion immediately saw the value of the SightCall platform, as a systems and network engineer she often found herself troubleshooting devices, sitting in front of a rack of servers with the knowledge that a wrong move could turn off the entire infrastructure: “I could have used a product like SightCall to make sure I was going through the right steps.” Now, by working with clients like Allianz, Marion has been able to see the digital transformation of industries with histories that span hundreds of years.

On a technical level, Marion is proud of how robust the platform is and its flexibility with a variety of integrations for common CRMs. Marion heads up the efforts for custom integrations for clients, ensuring that everyone can integrate the advantages of visual assistance into their existing workflows. The applications are limitless, and Marion is passionate about powering the applications of visual assistance across industries and verticals.

What do you love about working at SightCall?

Marion feels at home in a company that values diversity and multiculturalism.

“We have hubs all over Europe and now all over the world. SightCall is truly a global community with employees that speak at least twelve different languages. I miss the pace and energy of the Paris office, being able to exchange information over coffee or lunch. But I hope that soon we will have opportunities to travel and being able to meet each other in person will be all the more wonderful.”

The drive to help others through digital transformation is also key part of working at SightCall. To those considering a career with us, Marion hopes to see a passionate curiosity about emerging technologies and a willingness to collaborate and learn across teams and industries.

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