Weemo Release 4 reaches "General Deployment"

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Katie Smart Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications

Today, we are delighted to announce that Weemo release 4 reaches General Deployment:

This release is the result of many months of relentless development and testing fed by insightful feedback from many of you. By bringing a set of new capabilities, this launch fulfills our core mission to make it easy for you to embed real-time video within your applications.

From an extensive API to an entirely redesigned user interface, end-users will experience embedded real-time video with Weemo powered applications in a whole new way.

Feel free to share your feedback using our brand new Support Portal. If you are new to Weemo and want to give it a try, please use this page to request your API key to get started with Weemo. Let’s now have a closer look at what this release brings.


Redesigned User Interface

By bringing users frameless video windows, integrated menus and more polished icons, they will experience seamless High Definition point-to-point and multi-party video chat directly from within their apps.

Extended API

With a multitude of new JavaScript methods added to our API, you can now manage the video chat and screen sharing experience in many more ways!

Mobile SDKs

In supporting our partners' mobile first strategy, our native Android and iOS SDKs allow you to add video chat to your mobile apps so your mobile and desktop users can collaborate from any device.

Authentication Modes

We support OAuth 2.0 and provide helper libraries in different languages for easy integration. Do you have your own authentication mechanism? No problem, we can integrate with it.

Online Support & Documentation

With API reference documentation, code samples and Wikis, our Docs portal is a big time saver for developers. For assistance or to share your knowledge, go on our Support Community Portal.

Click here for more detailed release notes.

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