SAN FRANCISCO, November 15, 2013 — Weemo today added Sydney to its growing network of strategically located data centers around the world hosting its Global WebRTC Platform. Sydney, Weemo’s eighth data center, becomes a key outpost in the company’s globally distributed cloud platform built to support WebRTC at scale.

Weemo’s Global WebRTC Platform is a true telecom-grade system built to handle millions of simultaneous real-time video sessions regardless of location, device or network. The company’s elastic telecom backbone can be easily and quickly scaled to support millions of additional users in just a few hours.

“Sydney is one more step in an aggressive plan to deliver the scale, reliability and security software providers demand to deliver in-app real-time video services to their customers,” said Thomas Cottereau, founder and CEO, Weemo.

The company has chosen strategically positioned tier one data centers to run its STUN and TURN servers that are part of its Global WebRTC Platform. These and other software virtualized signaling and conferencing servers enable users on the platform to have high quality, low latency, video communication from anywhere around the world. In addition to Sydney, Weemo has positioned data centers in San Jose, New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Because Weemo’s platform is cloud based, the challenges of purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware required to deploy WebRTC powered applications to millions of users are eliminated.

Weemo’s platform powers the video collaboration services for Bouygues Telecom and Tata Communications (Jamvee). Weemo also provides a ready-to-deploy applet to more than 30 Zimbra service providers so they can complement their hosted email solutions with video conferencing.

About Weemo

Founded in 2007, Weemo provides a real-time video cloud platform which enables software vendors, service providers and developers to easily embed video collaboration into their web and mobile applications. The Weemo platform relies on WebRTC as well as other best of breed technology to make real-time video available on every browser and device at a global scale.

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