In the business of equipment rentals, time is money. When a problem with rental equipment arises, be it a mechanical malfunction or simple user error, your customers only want one thing – to get back on the job as quickly as possible. SightCall’s AR powered, video assistance software gets customers back to work by helping rental companies see the problem and provide immediate remote support.

SightCall is simple to use and integrates seamlessly with your business process. If a customer call needs to be escalated to video assistance, the customer service agent sends an SMS link to initiate a SightCall session. Once opened, the link starts the back camera of the customer’s phone, allowing your agent to see through. When the customer points their phone at the problem, the agent draws annotations on the phone and helps guide them toward resolution.

Join us at the ARA Rental Show in New Orleans from Feb 19-21 to learn more about how SightCall is improving First Call Resolution Rates by 81%.

Transform your equipment rental business with AR Powered Video Assistance

Provide Better Customer Support

Your customer loses money for every minute they aren’t working. If you can’t get them back on the job quickly, you’ll lose money too. With AR powered video assistance, your technicians can initiate a remote video session through the customer’s mobile device.

Avoid Unnecessary Truck Rolls

With SightCall, your customer service agent can determine whether a field technician is necessary, whether the customer should bring the equipment back, or if a problem can be solved through remotely guided support.

Dispatch Your Global Expertise Remotely

All customers run into challenges they can’t solve alone. With SightCall, it’s easy to access other professionals in the field, no matter their location. Your customers can seek instant, visual support from technicians or manufacturers, helping increase the chance to fix their problem on the spot.

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