Telehealth Provider MediSprout, Selects Weemo to Connect Healthcare Providers and Patients via Live Video

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 10, 2014 – Weemo, provider of a Global WebRTC platform that enables software vendors to embed real-time video into their applications, today announced that MediSprout uses Weemo to connect healthcare providers and patients via live video.

MediSprout provides medical institutions with an HIPAA compliant telehealth SaaS solution that makes interactions between healthcare professionals and their patients more meaningful and productive by using live video. MediSprout accommodates patients’ busy schedules by replacing time-consuming follow-up visits with a simple live video consultation.

With 10 years of experience as a physician, Samant Virk, Founder & CEO of MediSprout is well aware of how inconvenient follow-up visits can be for the patients. “It was at times frustrating to hear patients explain how they had to take their day off for a ten-minute appointment that was solely based on verbal and visual interaction. It was a misuse of their valuable time.”

With MediSprout, physicians strengthen the relation with their patients by introducing modern medical practice while live video consultations offer them new revenue opportunities. It is a win-win situation since insurance companies already reimburse expenses associated with telemedicine services.

Reliable HD video communication is at the core of MediSprout’s business, so selecting a proven WebRTC platform that complies with HIPAA guidelines was a critical decision to make.

“We first looked at Weemo because their platform leverages the WebRTC open-source project. We played around with Weemo’s APIs and mobile SDKs and found the integration process quick and straightforward.” said Randy Findley, Founder & CTO of MediSprout. “We needed to implement a video chat feature that our users could access from any browser and any device, something Weemo’s platform offers.”

By partnering with MediSprout, Weemo reinforces the viability of its platform to support the specific needs of solutions providers in the telehealth market. The opportunity is huge: according to a new report from IHS, the telehealth market will grow eightfold in the U.S over the next five years, from about $240 million this year to $1.9 billion in 2018.

“Video is a critical element for every telehealth solution” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO of Weemo. “We built our HIPAA compliant WebRTC platform to guarantee high-quality video while committing on the availability of our service. By choosing Weemo, MediSprout can focus on delivering the best experience to their customers while removing the costs associated with managing real-time video capabilities.”

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About Weemo With Weemo, you can add real-time video in less than a day into your app that users can experience on any browser, any device and any network. Weemo provides a WebRTC Platform encompassing a global real-time video infrastructure and a development framework composed of APIs and mobile SDKs. Weemo's WebRTC Platform abstracts the complexity associated with leveraging WebRTC such as: deploying hardware, authenticating users, auto-adjusting the resolution to the environment or delivering reliable multi-party video chat. For more information click here or follow the company @Weemo

About MediSprout MediSprout is a HIPAA compliant telehealth SaaS solution for physicians and healthcare facilities. MediSprout enables healthcare professionals to provide live video consultation to their patients improving the delivery of healthcare. Complementary to traditional office visits, MediSprout strengthens the relation between physicians and patients by making follow-up advices more accessible and personalized. In emergency situations, MediSprout allows physicians to provide first aid care while connecting the patient with the appropriate facility. MediSprout also empowers video collaboration between medical professionals whenever experts’ advices are needed. MediSprout was founded by a physician and an engineer who have the vision to deliver the best medically focused but technologically driven telehealth solution. For more information go to: https://medisprout.com/ or follow the company @MediSprout

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