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telecom video call ott customer service

WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) is bringing a significant change in the communications landscape that bridges the web and telephony worlds. By 2019, it is estimated that 6 billion devices will support WebRTC.

As a Network and Service Provider SightCall offers many options for you to be involved in the WebRTC revolution. We enable your company to easily launch Over The Top (OTT) services of your own or propose a set of powerful API and SDK to your community of developers.

Leveraging our white-labeled API and SDK, build powerful applications that can compete with OTT applications such as Skype by providing communications in context of the conversation and a richer set of features. Additionally, you can also tie in the applications into your traditional PSTN services.

The SightCall contextual cloud communications platform is a flexible solution which offers your developers support to get started quickly, enables them to embed a range of powerful Real-Time Communications capabilities into applications, and deliver differentiated experience to customers. SightCall Point of Presence can be installed within your data center.

telecom video call ott customer service

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Smiths Point Analytics predicts WebRTC will be a market opportunity worth $4.7 billion by 2018*

A Whole New Customer Experience

SightCall API is particularly fitted for inbound call centers handling sales or customer support. The SightCall experience provides customers with a seamless, high definition communication channel from their browser.

    When you solve issues faster, customers are happier. By guiding a customer to resolution you are providing an invaluable lesson which reduces the likelihood of them returning with the same issue.
    Select from a diverse range of features and options to match your business needs. From two-way or one-way video to screensharing and recording, you control the set-up that will provide the best experience.
    Customers can use their mobile cameras to give your agents a view of the situation and discuss solutions while interacting with pointing and drawing on the live video stream.
    By giving customers the ability to show and share a problem with an expert in real time you remove unnecessary costs of shipping for returns or sending an agent to fix a product on-site.

Seamless Collaboration

SightCall completes your communication platform by adding ‘N’-way video conferencing

  • SightCall allows customers to engage with your representatives as if they were in the same room with video, screen sharing, and reviewing documents together.
  • For your customers SightCall video calling is part of your mobile or web application allowing for live interaction with the touch of a button
  • Connect your mobile workforce with face-to-face communication that cultivates collaboration and engagement. SightCall brings back the personal communication lost as the workforce distributed.
  • SightCall makes it easy to add video calling to any enterprise application.
SightCall turned out to be an excellent choice to integrate a turnkey cloud-based video collaboration offering.
Bertrand Pourcelot, Managing Director, Centile


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