Softway Medical and SightCall Sign a Partnership in The Medical Industry

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Aix-en-Provence, France, MAY 4th, 2016. Softway Medical announces a partnership agreement signed with SightCall, the California-based startup specialized in visual support tools. Softway Medical's software customized for health institutions and radiology clinics will now include new interactive video chat features. Softway Medical's objective is to facilitate communications and thereby provide a tool for greater collaboration between healthcare specialists discussing a patient's case.

Sharing a common vision of customer satisfaction

As active Cloud players, Softway Medical and SightCall have many common points. Sherley Brothier, Technical Director at Softway Medical, explains the reasons of this partnership: "SightCall has unique expertise in visual interactions, applied to a wide variety of fields such as telemedicine, support services, and insurance. We perceived its know-how as the most advanced on the market. Its technical solution adapts seamlessly to our medical IT. Moreover, we share a common challenge: deliver products to fit best our users' needs with a collaborative approach".

Thomas Cottereau, SightCall CEO, claims: "After a number of implementations in many healthcare and teleconsultation solutions throughout the US, I am delighted to partake in a promising roll out on the French market. Softway Medical's solutions benefit up to 380,000 users! Healthcare practitioners are going to love working with these new features to collaborate remotely and more efficiently."

Strengthening medical cooperation for improved patient healthcare

Softway Medical's solutions will include a chat feature, thus enabling users to dialogue more seamlessly with other departments. Discussions can be led on a one-to-one basis or one-to-many, in order to share information and experience with a more collaborative decision-making process. Video or screen sharing features, as well as file transferring, promote a stronger interaction among practitioners. Medical records or X-rays can be sent directly via a link, without looking for them.

For Jean Baptiste Franceschini, Marketing Director at Softway Medical, "This partnership meets perfectly our desire to use innovation to help healthcare professionals thrive. Our objective is to provide them with the best tools for gathering information, thus offering top-notch service to patients. Besides, French healthcare regional empowerment widens furthermore the field of possibilities and expectations. This partnership is ideally aligned with our strategy."

The final objective is to integrate SightCall's technology into the various mobile apps provided by Softway Medical to healthcare practitioners. Softway Medical is to introduce SightCall's solution at the HIT exhibition held in Paris from May 24 to 26.

About SOFTWAY MEDICAL: Founded in 2006, SOFTWAY MEDICAL is a French company based in Meyreuil. It is specialized in publishing and integrating information systems for the healthcare industry. It seeks to improve healthcare by providing healthcare players with innovative and high-performance solutions. Over 600 clinics and hospitals, 77,000 computerized beds, and 1,200 radiology organizations have selected these tools. With its "Health data host" certified status, Softway Medical provides such offers via a private Cloud. Ranked for the 6th year in a row by Truffle 100 among France's top 50 software companies, SOFTWAY MEDICAL has a headcount exceeding 280 employees throughout the country. More than 20% of its revenue is allocated to R&D.

About SightCall: Since it was founded in 2008, SightCall has been developing a new visual interaction model. The idea is pretty straightforward: a support or insurance agent, a technical expert, a doctor, or a financial advisor are equipped to see the same image as the other person on the line, with a live video chat. As they share the same context, discussions are not purposeless and advice is better targeted. Leveraging the WebRTC technology and using a Cloud infrastructure, SightCall provides its customers with a SaaS software solution.

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