SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 - SightCall announces today the release of SightCall Visual Support™ for Salesforce®. One year after the launch of its cutting-edge App in the AppExchange®, the new Visual Support App is the result of one year of customer feedback and insight. Its broad range of innovations is literally disrupting the customer service industry by leveraging every mobile phone’s sight camera and high definition screen.

Visual interactions are a game-changer for major industries. Insurance companies of the past needed to send an adjuster on-location to validate a claim. Manufacturers had to pay the high price of shipping returns, despite over 30% of them working perfectly fine. Field service organizations required multiple truck rolls if technicians didn’t have the right knowledge when first dispatched. While there are just a few examples, there are many other industry applications of SightCall that provide significant return on investment.

With SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce claims adjusters, support agents and tech experts can leverage any smartphone’s sight camera to see the situation in live.

For insurance companies, not only does this reduce costs associated with dispatching an adjuster but also increases the accuracy of claims. Unlike images that can be faked, live video can’t be altered and includes geo-location for verifying information. All relevant information related to a claim is saved directly in Salesforce.

For customer service, SightCall provides a complete view of the problem exactly as the customer sees it right in the Salesforce console. Agents can pause live video, highlight issues, and guide customers to a solution.

"By reducing product returns by 5%, one of our largest clients was able to reduce its return processing costs by more than $100M," CEO Thomas Cottereau points out. “We’re very excited to transform and bring massive cost savings to the industry by providing service and support teams a way to no longer rely on ‘blind’ conversations. SightCall Visual Support™ plays nicely with the Salesforce Service Cloud® solution and can be activated in less than one hour.”

In field service, technicians can be routed to an expert with relevant knowledge through a single click within their business application. They can then share their environment live through the back camera of their mobile device. If there is no network coverage, SightCall allows technicians to take a video offline and share it later when they are back in a covered area. The expert can then guide the technician to the problem resolution. This decreases the costs of downtime and reduces the number of truck rolls needed to complete the job.

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About SightCall SightCall is a global SaaS vendor, leading a major industry shift by enabling businesses to see through their customers’ mobile device and provide guidance remotely.

SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce provides Service Cloud users the ability to diagnose their customer issues remotely directly from their agent console. This allows major cost savings across a breadth of industries and organizations.

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