SightCall Launches Field Service Visual Support at Maximize 2015

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Katie Smart Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2015 – SightCall, the most trusted partner of Fortune 500 enterprises for live video support, announces the launch of SightCall Visual Support for Field Service at ServiceMax’s Maximize 2015 this week in San Francisco.

SightCall Visual Support for Field Service enables technicians to engage in live interactions with in-house subject matter experts to show a problem exactly as they see it, eliminating confusion and improving efficiency.

Sometimes technicians can feel helpless when dealing with machinery or technical problems they haven’t dealt with before. If they don’t have the right technical knowledge or expertise to complete the job, being able to talk to someone who does is invaluable.

Thanks to SightCall, the technician can get to the right expert with a single click in his business application. The technician can then share his environment through the back camera of a mobile device and be guided by an expert to solve his problem. Remotely, the expert can leverage advanced features such as live drawing or simultaneously reviewing the right technical documentation.

At Maximize 2015 SightCall will present how to reduce technician downtime by 26% and increase first-time resolution rate by 36%, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls. Through our preconfigured scenarios SightCall will demonstrate how SightCall Visual Support fits into existing processes and can be tailored to any use case to fully maximize resources and minimize costs.

“I’m very glad to see the great traction in Field Service software. Early adopters of SightCall Visual Support are demonstrating substantial savings which could apply to any industry” says SightCall CEO Thomas Cottereau. He added, “One customer is maximizing its technicians’ resources to the extent that it is anticipating an annual saving of more than $50 million.”

Knowing that one of the key factors of adoption is the ease of use and the availability of the service in context, SightCall Visual Support for Field Service can be embedded natively into mobile and web applications such as ServiceMax Field Service Suite.

ServiceMax has a long-standing reputation for providing the field service industry with outstanding products to improve the efficiency of technicians and lower costs for businesses. With the integration of SightCall Visual Support, ServiceMax will bring field service efficiency a step further.

“By integrating video and visual components into our field service suite, technicians using ServiceMax will drastically reduce wasted time by getting the right information almost immediately,” noted Jonathan Skelding, PS Global Solutions Director, ServiceMax. “The ability to save time and increase first-time resolutions coupled with our Field Service Suite is going to help customers save both time and money,” he continued.

About SightCall

SightCall enables real-time interactions that improve understanding, decrease time to resolution, enable collaboration and reduce downtime. SightCall Visual Support for Field Service gives your field employees the ability to show what they see and be guided to their problem resolutions right on their mobile device. SightCall APIs and SDKs can be easily embedded into your enterprise mobile and web application to create experiences that fit your business needs.

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