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Online Retailer / Shopping Assistant Concierge Service

  • online shopping video calling customer service

Online retail shopping assistant and concierge services using video calls increase brand loyalty and sales. When a customer is looking to get advice on an outfit or an accessory for her/his outfit or when an agent consults on the use of makeup and various colors to compliment the client’s features, customer satisfaction goes up.

  • Connect with online customers in real time
  • Increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Provide valuable service to clients and build brand loyalty

Pre Sale Customer Support For Online Retailers Use Case

Some men have a difficult time finding matching socks let alone putting together a complete outfit that stands out in the crowd of a red carpet event. Tyler, an up and coming independent music producer, was invited to his first big industry event and he’s a bit lost on what to wear. Since he isn’t at the level of having his own stylist, he goes online to start doing some research.

While browsing a website that specialized in bow ties, Tyler was completely overwhelmed. He added and removed a number of bow ties and still couldn’t make a decision. On the back-end a customer support agent who could track Tyler’s clicks reached out to him through a pop-up that read “Need to Talk to a Personal Stylist?” Knowing that he needed the help, Tyler clicked on the customer support button and activated a support session with a sales representative.

The support session escalated from a chat to a video call where the sales representative could talk through the purchasing decision with Tyler in real time. After a few minutes of fashion consultation, Tyler decided to purchase a bow tie along with a matching pocket square for his suit jacket and a new belt. The potential for losing a customer was reduced once the video session was initiated. The sales representative even upsold the customer into the sale of more products increasing the amount of sales generated during the transaction.

Note: User story is provided for illustration purposes only, and any resemblance to actual persons is unintentional and purely coincidental.


Did you know that loyal customers are worth more than 10 times their original purchase?

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