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Can I use SightCall on my PC/MAC and my mobile phone?

Yes, absolutely. SightCall works on Windows and Mac computers as well as iOS and Android devices. Please see systems requirements below.

How do I install the SightCall Web console?

Log onto the console: https://console.sightcall.com
For first time users, there will be a prompt to install a plugin on their workstation. Follow the guided process.
For Google Chrome (and Firefox starting with version 52), a browser extension is also needed. The activation process is guided as part of the first connection.
The installation process is quick and should not take longer than one minute.
SightCall also provides MSI files for IT managed environments.

How do I install the Visual Support mobile app?

The App is free and available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.
If the App is not installed, when the end user clicks on the link in a website or sent via SMS, email or chat, for the first call the user is redirected to the Visual Support download page on the appropriate iOS or Android mobile app store.

Is the SightCall console compatible with all types of browsers?

SightCall is available for all major browsers listed below (with minimum requirements)
– Google Chrome (recent release versions)
– Firefox 36+
– Safari 6 – 11
– Internet Explorer 9+

What are the system requirements to use SightCall?


OS Minimum Hardware Recommended Minimum Hardware
Windows Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 1GB of RAM Intel Core i5 3470 or AMD A8 6K series with 4GB of RAM
macOS 2011 2013
Android ARM and x86 devices Late Model Year ARM-based device
iOS iPhone 5, iPad 2 iPhone 5s, iPad 4

Operating Systems

Operating Systems
Windows 7, 8.x & 10
macOS 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10
Android 4.0 or later, CTS and GMS compatible. https://source.android.com/compatibility/
Apple iOS 8 or later

Speakers & Webcam

Note: In order to establish a call using the RTCC plugin, you will need at least one microphone and a sound card

OS Speakers & Mic Webcam
Windows Any built-in or standalone Any built-in or standalone, 720p camera recommended
macOS Any built-in or standalone Any built-in or standalone, 720p camera recommended
Android Headphones recommended Front, back or USB camera
iOS Built-in or Headphones Front or back device camera

What are the bandwidth requirements for the video stream?

SightCall recommends a minimum network bandwidth of 300kb/s.
The quality of the video is automatically adapted to the bandwidth available.
Typically, most Wi-Fi connections or data networks with at least 3G performance characteristics provide sufficient bandwidth for very good video quality. Thanks to SightCall’s advanced session optimization mechanisms, SightCall can overcome even with poor network conditions enabling the session to be maintained all the way to the edge of the network capabilities.


Is video communication secure with SightCall?

SightCall ensures the protection of user data and overall security and integrity of our cloud platform. All SightCall communications, including media and signalization is secured through an encrypted tunnel.
Furthermore, SightCall protects the client software which is installed by the user to enable video communication by digitally signing it to prevent tampering and code injection.

Where is SightCall’s solution deployed: on-premises or off-premises?

SightCall is a SaaS platform deployed in SOC2/ISO data centers globally.
SightCall’s platforms are located in:
– USA: San Francisco and New York
– Europe: Paris, London, Frankfurt
– Asia: Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong
– Australia: Sydney
– LATAM: Sao Paulo


Can I customize the SightCall web console?

Yes. The SightCall console can be easily customized (color, selection of the features, background image and logo…) using the SightCall Admin Portal.
The page can also be integrated into an iFrame to augment existing web applications.
We provide a JS API and documentation in our Admin Portal for this type of implementation.
For comprehensive reference material, please refer to (requires Admin Portal access):

Can I customize the Visual Support mobile app?

Visual Support mobile application is free and available on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore; it is very flexible and is adapted to respond to the uses cases created in the Admin Portal. As an example, you can configure the experience to start the session with only one-way video, or use the mobile user’s back camera, or alternatively with a 2 way video session using the front camera of the participants.
In the event you would prefer that your customers download an app with your branding, we can offer to publish special version of the Visual Support mobile app including your customized branding.
We also provide Mobile SDKs (Android and iOS) which can be easily integrated into an existing app.
Our integration recommendations are the following:
Step 1: Start with the SightCall Visual Support app – It is readily available, neutral and allows you to start immediately.
Step 2: Get a branded app from SightCall. This branded mobile app will reinforce your branding and include your selected naming, image/logo, and have a visible icon for the service on the mobile device. With your App branding and messaging, rather than a generic third party mobile app, you can reduce any friction from your mobile users.
Step 3: Integrate the SDK. Using the powerful SightCall mobile SDK, your possibilities are limitless to create amazing experiences which can include a live video button… and thereby increase the value and number of downloads of your app.
Detailed documentation is available in our Admin Portal.

What languages are available in the SightCall console?

The console is available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch.
Other languages will be added in future releases. If you have special needs please contact SightCall.

What is the default language of the Visual Support mobile app?

The Visual Support mobile app supports following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
Messages are displayed in the appropriate language, depending on language settings of the device.
Customers implementing SightCall SDK can use any language of their choice.

Advanced features

Is it possible to record a call?

Yes, indeed. Several recording options are available:

– No recording
– Recording audio and video
– Recording audio only
Recording can be either automatically started for all sessions or manually triggered by the agent at any time during the call.
SightCall exclusively provides cloud recording. Your recording files will be pushed from the SightCall cloud to your selected storage repository. SightCall does not archive your recorded files. If you do not have any repository available, SightCall by default recommends the use of Amazon S3. SightCall can help you create an Amazon S3 account in a matter of just a few minutes. We also have connectors with Box and a standard REST API that can be interfaced with any on premises or cloud accessible server.

How many people can join a video call?

SightCall provides multiparty calls for up to 64 attendees.

Is SightCall compatible with WebRTC?

Yes. We like to say that we extend WebRTC. This means that when the browser and use case can be delivered via WebRTC, the SightCall platform will handle the session using WebRTC. When WebRTC cannot support the use case, either because of device/browser limitations or for features limitations, the end user will be prompted to install a SightCall app/plugin/extension.

Are any call logs available?

Yes, SightCall makes call logs available via the Admin Portal. We also provide a REST API to automatically collect the logs you require to track activity, synchronize events, and buildout your own analytics.

Do you provide reporting material?

The Reporting section of the SightCall Admin Portal includes a suite of real time charts.
You can also export .CSV files from the Admin Portal or use our REST API.

Corporate Integration

How long does it take to start using SightCall?

30 minutes. 25 minutes of those minutes will be spent to define and discuss the experience you want to align with your environment and business needs.

Does SightCall require a specific training?

Getting started with the SightCall service is straightforward.
For deployment to agents, we typically recommend a “train the trainer” session for your supervisors and/or trainers to provide guidance on how to present the flow and the selected features.
We would also recommend a “train the admin” session to explain how to configure use cases, create users, get analytics and manage your service.

Which proxy configuration is required for SightCall to work in a corporate environment?

In the vast majority of the corporate networks, our TCP 443 tunnelling mechanism allows us to cross web proxies without any modification or specific configuration. There are some situations where a specific configuration is required to traverse proxies implementing SSL interception.

Which firewall configuration is required for SightCall to work in a corporate environment?

For the vast majority of the corporate networks, if users can connect using HTTPS to websites such as to their online bank account, SightCall should work without requiring any additional work. Specifically, for SightCall to work the following standard ports should be open:
– Port TCP 80 (HTTP)
– Port TCP 443 (HTTPS)
Additionally, the following URLs are called during the process:
– *.rtccloud.net (Web plugin connecting to the SightCall cloud)
– *.sightcall.com (Access to agent console interface)
– *.mapbox.com (Enables geolocation)

Can I use SightCall over a VPN connection?

Real Time communication is very sensitive to the quality of your network. Adding a VPN is never recommended as it adds overhead and delays. With that said, if you have a VPN connection established the SightCall service can work as long as you have access to the Internet and that the bandwidth and latency remain within acceptable ranges.