Video Boosts Insurance Claims Processing and Bottom Lines

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Katie Smart Sr. Manager, Global Marketing Communications
Jack just finished sifting through his morning email. Laptop tote and coffee in hand, he heads out to continue his typical morning routine. As he makes his way through traffic BAM, somebody to his right just drove through the red light suddenly cutting him off and smashing into the front of his car. Thankfully, he's fine and the only thing rushing though Jack’s head is how long this situation is going to take before he gets to the office. Dealing with car accidents are far from a pleasant experience, and everyone wants to get life back to normal as quickly as possible. Most of the time victims have to document the accident via notes and photos and correspond with their insurance agent, where both go long past the time of the actual accident. Insurance companies work with their clients to try to paint the perfect picture of what happened during the accident to fully gauge it. Who’s fault was it? What is the damage done on both sides? How much is this going to cost? Your insurance agents may sometimes feel like their working accident scenes with their eyes closed. Rarely having the complete picture leads to long periods of time in working with your clients. If only your insurance agent was physically present at the accident to see what your customer sees. Watch the short video below to see how insurance companies can file claims in real time with live video and document sharing. At the end of the day, insurance companies and customers both want to deal with insurance claims in a timely and efficient manner. With SightCall Visual Claims, insurance agents can help issuers in car accidents better and quicker with live video, drawing and annotations, taking pictures, and document sharing. They can also use video for supplemental claims to follow up with Jack for a more accurate cost estimate after sending his car to the body shop. It puts the insurance agents immediately at the scene of the accident and in control during the follow up, without needing to waste time scheduling an appointment or traveling. Insurance can offer customers like Jack a chance to transition back to their morning routines post accidents, while saving time and money for your company, which makes Jack a satisfied and loyal customer.