Enhance the Customer Experience with Visual Communication Tools

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Katie Smart Sr. Manager, Global Marketing Communications
Customers and companies both want the same thing: to resolve product or service issues as quickly as possible. Customers want their products to work so they can continue about their day. Companies want happy customers and to get agents efficiently through as many service tickets as possible. So why does customer service get such a bad name in reality? The biggest problem is understanding each other. All too often the breakdown occurs in communication. Customers want the ability to explain the problem accurately to customer support agents. Agents want to be able to understand exactly what the problem is so they can provide the right guidance or direct the customer to the right person to solve the problem. Essentially it boils down to context being the toughest obstacle to get over. Imagine if a customer could show the customer service representative what was happening, exactly as he or she sees it, and provide even greater detail. Watch this short video to see exactly how visual interactions can be used for better communications between customer and support agents. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be worth a thousand thousand words. SightCall Visual Support enables your customer service agents to see the problem exactly as a customer sees it with visual communication tools such as live video, drawing and annotations, taking pictures, and sharing screens and files. Deliver a better customer experience and help customers solve problems more efficiently, saving time and money all while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.