As technology continues to have a larger presence in all aspects of business, no industry is immune. As new products, services, and technology become available, it is often as simple as adapting or being left behind. Aberdeen recently released a white paper that highlights the technology capabilities needed to empower your field service team. Just as the internet and mobility have made an impact on field service organizations, equipping teams with the real-time intelligence to resolve customer issues the first time is increasingly important.

As field workers become partners with customers, they need better tools to complete a job correctly on the first truck roll, instead of returning to finish or fix it. Here is how SightCall Visual Support for Field Service provides all the capabilities listed in the report and beyond:

Offline or Online

Internet connection is not always available, but field technicians always need information to properly complete a job.

With SightCall, technicians can record the issue and share it as soon as they get the network back. The remote expert can then draw and annotate on the picture to guide the tech in the field.

Integrated with the back office

Service is not just a job for the field team. Ensuring that details from the field become available to the back office teams helps create a team of customer-first service leaders.

With SightCall, all visual communications along with transcripts can be stored in your system of records. This represents additional and valuable insights available for your teams


A global customer base demands solutions everywhere. Service has to follow the customer.

SightCall operates globally with data centers on 5 continents

Easy to use

The easier tools are for the field worker, the more likely they are to work with them, as opposed to around them.

The SightCall experience can be embedded within any applications/devices! There is no need to replace existing field applications for technicians nor for in-house experts


Collaboration is the wave of the future when it comes to service. Leading organizations are finding value in connecting their field workers to each other.

SightCall acts a seamless collaboration tool. Field workers can connect with anyone else from their group or the company to get the additional assistance and expertise

Empower your field service team using Sightcall!

SightCall puts the power of your entire organization in your technicians’ hands, while they are in the fields, when they need it most!