Dreamforce 2014 Recap

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Katie Smart Sr. Manager, Global Marketing Communications
Dreamforce has come and gone for another year and what a crazy 4 days it was! Whether you came to exhibit a company or product, to hear some of the industry’s top experts or simply to have a good time in a great city on the company dime (don’t worry, I promise not to tell) there was something for everyone. Salesforce had many exciting new announcements at Dreamforce but one in particular stuck out to me the most. Salesforce announced a new way to deliver real-time customer service known as SOS for Apps. It’s a button that can be added to your previously developed mobile app allowing customers to receive support with the touch of a single button. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is something we have been offering for quite some time and even been available in the AppExchange for a few months now. Click here for the SOS for Apps Vs. SightCall Video Support Agent comparison. dreamforce sos future video customer support The Service Cloud Keynote broke down the future of customer service, today. During the hour-long presentation, Salesforce spoke about what, in their opinion, are the three pillars of customer service: personalized service, smarter support, and starting faster. The first pillar brought the announcement of SOS for Apps, as real-time video communication personalizes the experience for a customer. A customer can communicate in more ways than audio and text. Body language and visual cues are the first step but sharing a screen, co-browsing to point out features and annotating a live video with drawing tools personalize a customer support call for everyone. Combined with the other pillars of being smarter and faster include bringing specific data to the customer all into one location and customer satisfaction and loyalty has nowhere to go but up. Many other great sessions around service cloud and improving customer support systems were happening every day as well. Dreamforce by the Event Numbers: More than 130,000 people came through San Francisco from nearly 100 different countries for the 4 day mega-conference. That accounts for a 16% spike in San Francisco’s population for about a week. With more than 2,500 sessions and on-campus events plus 400 sponsors exhibiting on the expo floor, there was certainly something for everyone. According to Salesforce, 5,000 gallons of coffee was consumed, which equals 80,000 cups. Personally I think that feels low for 130,000 people (I had about 20 cups myself), especially if someone could provide a breakdown on the amount of alcohol consumed at after-parties. By the looks of things on the expo floor, every attendee needed a pick-me-up by Thursday morning. A Breakdown of SightCall Dreamforce Numbers: The booth team had some great conversations about changing the way companies communicate with customers. Over 1,500 people stopped by the booth to learn more about how they can improve customer satisfaction and make more money. Along with conversations, though, were quite a few great prizes. dreamforce sightcall cash booth winnerSightCall handed out over 100 t-shirts, more than 25 beer glasses, hundreds of glow glasses, and lots of cash. Yes, about 20 people were lucky enough to step into a booth filled with $1,000 in cash and walked out with a combined $661 of United States green. The five biggest winners were: The fun has come and gone and now we’re back to improving how companies reach customers in meaningful communication. Keep your eye on SightCall as we have a very exciting announcement building on our Dreamfoce momentum just around the corner. Dreamforce through SightCall Tweets: We're already planning the next big thing for SightCall and will be getting ready for Dreamforce 2015. Can't wait to see you there and help you deliver a better customer experience in the year between! What was your favorite part about Dreamforce 2014?