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Coaching – Nurse Practitioner/Physician Appointments

  • Telemedicine Video Calling Postnatal Healthcare

Providers are able to provide centralized advisory services for specific categories of healthcare. Examples include neonatal care, postnatal new parent coaching, exercise and training motivation.

  • Sessions occur when/where convenient
  • Transmit information via wearable technology
  • Record video to revisit critical information at a later time

Nurse Practicioner Coaching / Physician Appointments Telemedicine Use Case

The doctors recently delivered a beautiful 8 pound 3 ounce baby boy for first time parents Mary and Angelo. The hospital provides new parents with postnatal coaching so that their babies can grow up to be big and strong.  Each week, Mary and Angelo log onto a telemedicine video postnatal coaching session with their doctor so that they can discuss the baby’s current routine, implementation of more structured feeding/sleeping/waking periods as well as breast-feeding support and guidance.

Mary, who is astonished with such improved healthcare technology, uses a wearable sleeping device to track her sleeping patterns. The doctor wants to ensure that she takes care of herself just as much as she does the baby. Mary transmits the data from the wearable device using SightCall file sharing during her live video session so that the doctor can analyze the results and make recommendations.

The doctor also shares documents right within the video calling interface with Mary and Angelo so that they can download material to help facilitate the early stages of their newborn. The video call is recorded so that Mary and Angelo can use it as a reference if something was unclear or if they need a resource.

The live video call allows the doctor to provide outstanding care while reducing the time it takes to move from appointment to appointment.

Note: User story is provided for illustration purposes only, and any resemblance to actual persons is unintentional and purely coincidental.


Up to 27% of newborn deaths could be averted if babies and mothers received routine postnatal care.

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