Five Reasons to Choose WebRTC for Video Calling

WebRTC is a hot topic, but many still don’t know what it is or why they should consider it. To get the basics out of the way WebRTC (a.k.a., Web Real-Time Communications), a solution for [...]

Getting Started with Weemo and WebRTC: Part 2 – Callbacks

Weemo abstracts session management and video call creation across the platforms it supports. By doing so, a consistent object model is presented across many different devices. This simplifies the implementation and validation process for the [...]

Getting Started with Weemo and WebRTC: Part 1

Weemo makes it easy to get started incorporating WebRTC video into your own web-app. With Weemo, all you need to do is manage your User names, and who wants to talk to who. Weemo tracks the presence of your users and handles all of the details of setting up SIP endpoints and figuring out the best way for the video packets to get from user to user. […]

Our Take on WebRTC in 10 Questions and Answers

Starting a New Year is always the perfect opportunity to plan for the future and look forward. It is also the occasion to do an inventory which sometimes leads to interesting finds. It is exactly [...]

WebRTC Conference & Expo (Santa Clara) Wrap-Up

As of the previous edition in Atlanta, the WebRTC Conference and Expo that took place last week in Santa Clara was a great opportunity for the WebRTC ecosystem to gather and debate about the last [...]

Weemo Release 4 reaches “General Deployment”

Today, we are delighted to announce that Weemo release 4 reaches General Deployment: This release is the result of many months of relentless development and testing fed by insightful feedback from many of you. By [...]

A Sample Zimbra API Integration for Real-Time Video (Part II)

In my previous post, I described the important use cases that are necessary for a proper integration of Weemo's real-time video communication service into Zimbra. That was the "product management" part of the discussion -- [...]

A Sample Zimbra API Integration for Real-Time Video (Part I)

Let's say that you've been tasked with integrating real-time video communications into your business application. Maybe you're a product manager who's scoping out what's available in the marketplace, or maybe you're a software developer who's [...]

Weemo @ WebRTC in Atlanta

The WebRTC Conference and Expo in Atlanta (June 25-27) was a chance for companies, web application providers, investors, and developers to understand the exciting opportunity that WebRTC opens, and how it will challenge and change much [...]