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Video Recruiting

Video interviews and recruiting has become more and more popular as enterprises and small businesses try to make the hiring process more efficient. Decrease cost per hire Screen candidates faster Record and share video [...]

Video Conferencing Escalation

Employees tend to get involved in email conversations that halt productivity and slow work pace. Coworkers caught in email conversations can easily initiate a multi-party video conference or one to one video call and collaborate [...]

Clinic Release / Physical Therapy / Rural Medicine

With changes in the regulatory handling of premature release of patients from hospitals and the subsequent readmission of the patient into the hospital due to complications resulting from the premature release or unclear or improperly [...]

Hospice Care

Hospice care is enabling aging family members to retain their dignity and giving them the ability to capture their wishes. It also allows the elderly to interact in conversations with care givers and family members [...]

Elderly Care

Retirement homes are equipped with telemedicine video to enable primary care physician/specialist and family members virtual visits with elderly patients. Additional consultations can include family members. Sessions occur when/where convenient Care provided at [...]

Coaching – Nurse Practitioner/Physician Appointments

Providers are able to provide centralized advisory services for specific categories of healthcare. Examples include neonatal care, postnatal new parent coaching, exercise and training motivation. Sessions occur when/where convenient Transmit information via wearable [...]

Telepsychiatry Group Session

Psychiatrists are able to conduct patient appointments using video calling without requiring the patient or group to travel to the psychiatrist’s office. In special circumstances Telemedicine allows the psychiatrist to avoid travel to the location [...]

Live Video Technical App Troubleshooting Support

Add a video customer support button to your app and give your customers an Amazon Mayday-like experience and communicate and troubleshoot with them right on their device. Customer service agents save time while troubleshooting [...]

Enterprise Social Platform

One way the enterprise is boosting engagement and collaboration is by implementing social platforms such as Chatter and Yammer. Within the enterprise, employees collaborate and engage with each other on both one to one video [...]

Field Service

When in the field, service reps use the back camera on smartphones or tablets to contact experts located at headquarters to get help on troubleshooting devices and equipment while out on the job, eliminating the need [...]