Reduce Medical Device Downtime with AR-Powered Visual Assistance

Medical device manufacturers, healthcare organizations and operators are tasked with keeping their assets working efficiently, while reducing the cost of maintenance and time-sensitive repairs. This is a constant challenge considering the ever-increasing demand for state-of [...]

SightCall and B. Braun Digitize Home Hemodialysis Treatment with Live Video Support

B. Braun Daheim service experts are now using remote visual assistance to guide patients through home hemodialysis treatment using SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce Lightning. SightCall and B. Braun today have announced a successful deployment [...]

IDC Sees Video Communications PaaS as a Transformative Technology For Many Industries

In the last Mark Winther’s IDC report, named U.S. Video Communications Platform as a service, Forecast 2016-2020 a very interesting new category was created. Mark, who is a seasoned group VP and consulting partner at [...]

Softway Medical and SightCall Sign a Partnership in The Medical Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 04, 2016 Aix-en-Provence, France, MAY 4th, 2016. Softway Medical announces a partnership agreement signed with SightCall, the California based startup specialized in visual support tools. Softway Medical's software customized for health [...]

HIPAA Considerations When Adding Video Calling To a Health App

As more and more startups, such as Square and Uber, break through regulated industries, developers fearlessly take chances in the healthcare market. If this is you, you better take some time to read the rules before [...]

How Wearable Tech Is Taking Over the Healthcare Industry

“Thump, thump, thump, thump,” Jennifer can hear and feel her heart rate rising as she picks up her speed during her morning run. Feeling the sweat drip down her neck while simultaneously feeling the cold [...]

How Healthcare Technology Protects Players in the NFL

From instant replay video reviews to RFID chips tracking football player's movements, we've seen the effect that technology has had on the evolution of sports over the last two decades. In the National Football League, [...]

What You Didn’t Know About The History of Telemedicine

Long distance communication has long been a part of human civilization. From the earliest days of drums and horns to fire light and smoke signals, communication has evolved to benefit us. From those drums, to [...]

Is the Future of Telemedicine Sheldon Cooper on Steroids?

I recently attended a panel session at WebRTC World where one of my co-workers shared a project we’re working on with Revolve Robotics. The project involves a robotic device that Doctors can control via WebRTC [...]

Clinic Release / Physical Therapy / Rural Medicine

With changes in the regulatory handling of premature release of patients from hospitals and the subsequent readmission of the patient into the hospital due to complications resulting from the premature release or unclear or improperly [...]