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IDC Sees Video Communications PaaS as a Transformative Technology For Many Industries

In the last Mark Winther’s IDC report, named U.S. Video Communications Platform as a service, Forecast 2016-2020 a very interesting new category was created. Mark, who is a seasoned group VP and consulting partner at [...]

8 Favorite Apps to Boost Productivity

Every year billions of dollars are lost to inefficiencies and lost productivity. Searching for emails, surfing social networks, and even setting up meetings waste time every day in offices around the world. Productivity is an [...]

7 Everyday Tasks That Will be Done with Video Calling

Life can be difficult and hectic at times. Luckily, innovations in technology are making it easier every day. Video calling is something that has existed for years but is still spread out across many players [...]

How WebRTC Boosts Employee Collaboration

Collaborating with your colleagues doesn't always mean you're all in the same room together in the same time zone. In today’s corporate environment, employees are spread across different locations, your partners and customer base worldwide. [...]

6 Steps to an Agile Enterprise

Spend any time in a medium to large business and you’ll likely get meeting fatigue very quickly. Life in a large organization consists of going from one meeting to another. Most people find themselves wondering [...]

Video Recruiting

Video interviews and recruiting has become more and more popular as enterprises and small businesses try to make the hiring process more efficient. Decrease cost per hire Screen candidates faster Record and share video [...]

Video Conferencing Escalation

Employees tend to get involved in email conversations that halt productivity and slow work pace. Coworkers caught in email conversations can easily initiate a multi-party video conference or one to one video call and collaborate [...]

Enterprise Social Platform

One way the enterprise is boosting engagement and collaboration is by implementing social platforms such as Chatter and Yammer. Within the enterprise, employees collaborate and engage with each other on both one to one video [...]

How Can Recruiters Choose a Live Video Interview Software That Rocks?

Live video interviews have been used for several years in different forms to support the candidate interview screening process of the recruiting practice. However, it is only recently that it has taken off. Several years [...]

How Avoiding Your Next Meeting Immediately Increases Your Productivity by 3,000%

There is a constant debate within today’s enterprise landscape about the level of productivity that comes out of each and every work day. Besides all of the minuscule things that distract us such as coffee [...]