The Client

IZI by EDF offers an easy way for personal and professional customers to plan and schedule services for home improvement, energy renovation and global renovation projects throughout France. Through two web platforms, IZI by EDF enables users to sell, plan and schedule repairs and renovation works. IZI by EDF has a network of over 1000 professional handymen subcontractors in France.

Customers are supported by an Account Manager through the whole process of scheduling a project and are connected with professional handymen subcontractors. From the initial contact and receiving a quote for the work to coordination exchanges with handymen, IZI by EDF streamlines the entire process of renovation and work with the client to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The Challenge

IZI by EDF wanted to expand their digital transformation and add visual support to their platform to create even more accurate quotes for services, increase quality control, and create a better user experience overall for their customers. They piloted visual assistance with free solutions, but customer satisfaction was middling. Initiating a video session was clunky, and not embedded in their workflows, resulting in customers feeling disconnected and concerned about what to do if problems arose. 

The company needed a proven solution that was scalable, easy to deploy, and tied into their Salesforce CRM. They wanted a solution that would seamlessly initiate video sessions between their internal sales teams, handymen in the field, and potential customers.  Another requirement was the ability to store data, photos, and video from visual support sessions into Salesforce case files without manual entry to improve their workflows and establish high-level quality control. 

The Solution

IZI by EDF deployed SightCall Visual Support for Salesforce empowering them to start video calls directly from their CRM and connect their salesmen with customers and handymen to help define the best solution for each project. Through the power of live video, IZI by EDF can see and estimate the work order with more precision and provide more detailed and accurate quotes for customers.

Visual support also improves quality control, with the ability to check the work in progress, easily manage any customer claims, and store all media related to the project within Salesforce. IZI by EDF is also utilizing remote visual support for specific maintenance and repair tasks through subsidiary companies. Looking to the future, IZI by EDF sees possibilities of adding visual support to other areas of their processes, such as discovery with the client and site monitoring.

The Benefits

With SightCall, the time to produce an accurate quote has decreased up to 20%. While phone calls for the process could take over an hour, the average time using remote visual assistance is less than forty-five minutes.

The overall customer experience is modern, innovative, and reassuring.

Customers satisfaction has increased due to the ease of starting video calls with an SMS link, increased accuracy of quotes, and having remote support and quality control throughout the process. Any issues with results can be quickly identified and resolved.

The new workflow with pre- and post-work evaluations, has ensured high-quality projects of all kinds from interior design to solar and energy renovations. Data from SightCall sessions is fed back into existing systems to refine and improve quotes for future customers.