SightCall Visual Support puts service communications back in context

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Make an appointment to meet the SightCall team while at the Contact Center Conference. We’re at booth 1709. There you will learn how to add new visual real-time interaction experiences to your contact center and transform the relationships you have with your customers and colleagues.


Get introduced to a new way to communicate with customers in real-time.

See Through Your Customer’s Eyes

In today’s fast paced world, customer expectations of service have evolved. Customers demand immediate response, personalized service and fast solutions. SightCall Visual Support provides customer support representatives in contact centers large and small the ability to engage their customers in a way that increases satisfaction and improves the overall customer experience.

With SightCall Visual Support, agents can enrich their interactions with customers through real-time features such as video chat, co-browsing, annotations, and more. The SightCall experience can be easily integrated directly into your CRM or agent console. There is no need for your agent to install and learn a new system

With SightCall Visual Support your customers can show an issue in real-time and come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

    When you solve issues faster, customers are happier. 82% of customers are willing to help fix an issue. By guiding a customer you reduce the chance of them returning with the same issue later.
    When diagnosing a physical product it is often useful to see it. The ability to see and interact around live video enables agents to guide users to solutions and close calls faster.
    Customers can use their mobile cameras to give your agents a view of the situation and come to solutions. Self-repair rate increases by 37% meaning fewer returned products and lower repair costs.
    By giving customers the ability to show and share a problem with an expert in real time you remove unnecessary costs of shipping for returns or sending an agent to fix a product on-site.

With SightCall Visual Support you can create a seamless experience which can be easily integrated directly into your CRM or agent console.

  • There is no need for your agents to install and learn a new system or environment
  • SightCall video calling is part of your mobile or web application, customers can get live help with the touch of a button
  • Sessions can be recorded and automatically linked to the customer case within your CRM
  • Create your own customized experience leveraging SightCall APIs and SDKs