SightCall, the global AR video assistance leader, is proud to be recognized as a pioneering company by the Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF) at the 10th Annual SPIFFY Awards held at TC3 Summit. Since 2001, the Telecom Council has worked to identify and recognize companies that represent a broad range of cutting-edge telecom products and services. From there, dozens of young companies are presented each month to the Service Provider Innovation Forum (SPIF), ComTech Forum, IoT Forum, and Investor Forum. SPIF members, representing cutting-edge telcos from over 50 countries and serving over 3 Billion subscribers, selected seven companies, including SightCall, from hundreds of presenting communication startup companies and 30 SPIFFY nominees as best-in-class in their respective categories. SightCall won the Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solution, for being “a company that advanced the noble cause of improving telecommunications”.