In 2018, Salesforce and B.Braun began a partnership that relied on SOS. When SOS was discontinued, Salesforce turned to SightCall to provide the visual assistance technology that B. Braun needed.

Today, SightCall and B. Braun today have successfully deployed live video assistance for the digital transformation of home hemodialysis care. Available for patients of B. Braun’s new home service dialysis concept, the video service is powered by SightCall’s native, omni channel integration within Salesforce Lightning. 

B. Braun home dialysis patients receive one-click visual support within Salesforce Lightning from home service experts at the B. Braun headquarters in Melsugen, Germany. Backed by SightCall’s enterprise grade video cloud platform, the B. Braun expert can view and analyze patient issues by connecting to the camera on a tablet provided with the home hemodialysis system. With live pointer and augmented reality capabilities, the expert can direct the patient for better visibility of the issue, saving relevant information to the case file for continuity and quality assurance. Patients can expect quick and direct help with all application and service issues relating to home dialysis. 

“Now that B. Braun is offering fully digitized remote hemodialysis, customers can have renewed confidence in treating themselves at home,” stated Hans Göttlinger, Managing Director for SightCall Germany. “Our technology ensures that home service patients will have any concerns about operating and maintaining their equipment answered quickly by an expert. Fully transparent through the integration with Salesforce, the B. Braun home service team can easily see how the customer is doing, and keep records of each and every customer interaction to guide them through their home hemodialysis journey.”

Today, the majority of Germany’s 80,000 hemodialysis patients receive four hour treatments in clinics, three days a week. The home service concept by B. Braun enables patients with kidney problems to adapt their therapy to their everyday needs. With access to SightCall visual assistance, and therapy data transfer directly from the dialysis machine to the center, the concept is a unique digitization in the field of home hemodialysis. 

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