2017 was an amazing year. We had exponential growth in the number of customers who adopted the SightCall service across their multiple businesses with celebrated success in high customer satisfaction.
The number of video sessions tripled over the course of the year.

Between 2016 and 2017, SightCall doubled its revenues.

We knew that your customers loved the SightCall experience. In 2017 we added a survey at the end of the video sessions to measure NPS. We are excited by the results: On average, 30+ points increase to the NPS! We staffed 3 new regions with offices in London, Singapore, and New York.

"2017 was a year of transformation. You transformed the way you interact with your customers and field techs... and they love it! We are pleased to see the impact of live video in the digital transformation of your business as measured by improving first call resolution rates, reducing unnecessary truck rolls, and making your customers happy. We’ve enjoyed working with you from early pilots to large deployments and are delighted to see your successful digital transformation. Thank you for your trust,"