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One Touch Video Calling

One Touch Video Calls

Start a high quality video call using the SightCall video icon right from your Zimbra email, address book or calendar.

Use SightCall Mobile Video Calling Anywhere

Zimbra users can now enjoy high definition video calls from any Android or iOS device anywhere.

Increase Productivity

Work faster and get more done by streamlining team collaboration.

Share application screens or desktops to collaborate and learn from other co-workers during a video call.

Complete projects more quickly by sharing and editing files of any size at lightning fast speeds.

Engaged person on video call

Productive Employees on Video Conference

Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is directly tied to the growth and success of your company.

The key to increasing employee engagement lies in connecting with co-workers and fostering productive interactions. To deliver maximum productivity and peak performance, people need to be able to communicate effectively.

Text based solutions such as email, chat and social platforms create a barrier between co-workers. Private video calls and multi-party video conferences bring back the human interaction that fosters collaboration and productivity across cross-functional teams.

Easily Connect With Anyone – Anywhere.

SightCall provides global coverage via a secure network of data centers strategically located across the globe. This high speed global network allows companies of all sizes to initiate video calls anywhere in the world. Communications are encrypted to ensure privacy and security of all video conversations.

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