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Give Clients The Flexibility to Meet You Anywhere

Remove the hassle of trying to schedule the perfect time for clients to come into the office to have a consultation. Instead, give clients the flexibility to take the meeting from thier home, office, or anywhere on the go.

SightCall Online Expertise enables your experts to host meetings with clients, who can join from anywhere. Simply share your dedicated meeting room web address with the client and grant access once they arrive virtually.

Clients join a secure video meeting room to receive help in real-time as if they were actually in your office. Tools such as screen and file sharing, drawing and annotations, and real-time video allow experts and clients to walk through complex documents together.

Secure Meeting Room

Secured Meeting Room

Meet with your customers directly from your existing portal with complete app integration.

  • Control who can join a call and provide a virtual waiting room for others not privy to the call.
  • Clients have access to text chat with experts while waiting for another meeting end.
Secured Meeting Room

Session Recording


Experts have the ability to record interactions with clients for quality control and training purposes.

  • Recorded sessions can be stored and linked directly in your Expert console.
  • Automatically produce transcripts to monitor for recurring issues or future review.

Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing with Online Expert

Experts and customers share screens to jointly review documents or websites.

  • Experts walk clients through complex documents in tandem, improving comprehension.
  • The screen share acts as a canvas on which clients and Experts can interact.
Screen Sharing

Drawing and Annotations

Annotation features gives the expert the tools needed to communicate more effectively.

  • Use the pointer to direct clients attention to specific items on the screen.
  • Draw on the screen to illustrate a point or identify important information.

Online Expertise Features

With numerous features to choose from you can tailor the video call experience to match your business. Provide Eperts and customers the tools needed to successfully resolve an issue while leaving any unnecessary features on the sidelines.

Choose from options such as one-way or two-way video, back camera functionality, drawing and annotations, screen-sharing capabilities and more. Adapt to your clients’ desires to deliver a better experience.


Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Sales

Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

It’s hard for your clients to make time to visit your office.

Providing clients the option to speak with experts from their home makes for happier clients. Adapt to your clients’ desires to deliver a better experience.

22% of customers prefer to have questions answered with face-to-face interactions. Put your experts in the best position to deliver higher sales and better customer service.