Provide Personalized Support to Online Shoppers

Watch sales soar and customer satisfaction grow when you answer customer questions in real-time and give agents the tools to see what the customer sees. Online retailers today are now focused on reducing shopping cart abandonment, up-selling, and building customer loyalty.

SightCall Online Shopping enables online retailers to reach customers in real-time by adding a button to any website or mobile app for customers to request assistance. Agents can engage shoppers in real-time, help them select items, or guide through to a successful purchase. Adding a human touch to an online business increases customer satisfaction and creates a whole new customer experience, an experience the customer won’t soon forget.

One Touch Support

Successful Customer Support

Add a button anywhere on your website to connect a shopper with a support agent.

  • Start sessions with the customer seeing the agent and optionally let the customer share their camera.
  • See the context of the customer’s screen.
Successful Customer Support

Escalate from Chat to Video


Let agents determine when escalating from chat to video makes the most sense.

  • Easily integrate SightCall with existing chat solutions.
  • Use existing skills based routing.

Screen Sharing

Successful Customer Support

Agents and customers can share screens and jointly navigate to the same web pages at the same time.

  • Agents can see the context of customer questions improving their comprehension.
  • The screen share acts as a canvas on which the customer and agent can interact.
Successful Customer Support

Drawing and Annotations

Annotation features give the agent tools to communicate more effectively with customers.

  • Use the SightCall pointer to direct the user’s attention to specific items on the screen.
  • Draw on the screen to illustrate a point or identify a button that needs to be selected.

Online Shopping Features

With numerous features to choose from you can tailor the video call experience to match your business. Provide agents and customers the tools needed to successfully resolve an issue while leaving any unnecessary features on the sidelines.

Choose from options such as one-way or two-way video, back camera functionality, drawing and annotations, screen-sharing capabilities and more. Give customers a shopping experience that mirrors an in-store shopping experience and customer loyalty will soar.


Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Retention

Increase Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

SightCall will help you engage and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Form better relationships with your customers that will improve customer retention through video customer support calls.

By starting a video call or screen-sharing, a customer can provide context to the issue so communication is more effective. When context is provided your customer service agents can solve issue more efficiently and make customers happier, which will ultimately bring them back for future online shopping.

Pre-Sales Support. Make More Sales.

Increase Sales

SightCall allows you to speak with potential customers as they browse the site. Your site’s visitors need guidance on the path to purchase to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Address their concerns with video assistance and have sales reps guide customers through the purchasing decision, close more deals and make more sales.

Increase Sales