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Make an appointment to meet Mosaik while at MWC Shanghai to learn about how to add new visual real-time interaction experiences using the global SightCall cloud and transform the relationships you have with your customers and colleagues.


Learn how Mosaik can transform the customer experience.

See Through Your Customer’s Eyes

Imagine how much faster customer service agents could solve issues if they could see the problem without even leaving their desks. Consumers today are using their mobile devices more and more frequently. This has led to a more connected world where images and other data can be easily transferred within seconds.

lndividuals can share their mobile camera to provide a complete view of the situation or problem. Customer Service Agents can pause live feeds, highlight issues, point out key items, and even directly open supporting documentation on the customer’s device to come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

Better relationships improve
customer retention through visual customer support calls.

    When you solve issues faster, customers are happier. By guiding a customer to resolution you are providing an invaluable lesson which reduces the likelihood of them returning with the same issue.
    Select from a diverse range of features and options to match your business needs. From two-way or one-way video to screensharing and recording, you control the set-up that will provide the best experience.
    Customers can use their mobile cameras to give your agents a view of the situation and discuss solutions while interacting with pointing and drawing on the live video stream.
    By giving customers the ability to show and share a problem with an expert in real time you remove unnecessary costs of shipping for returns or sending an agent to fix a product on-site.

Create a seamless experience which can be easily integrated directly into your CRM or agent console.

  • There is no need for your agent to install and learn a new system
  • Video calling is part of your mobile or web application allowing your customers to have live interaction with your agent with the touch of a button
  • Give field service agents important information at their fingertips
  • Create your own experience leveraging SightCall APIs