Boost Employee Engagement with Video Conferencing Software

Improving enterprise collaboration is seen as a top priority for many IT organizations. A recent study showed that 75% of CXOs believe that a teleconference or video conferencing enhances enterprise collaboration and productivity across dispersed teams.

As the workforce becomes more and more distributed, keeping employees engaged and productive is a huge challenge. Most industry experts believe the key to increasing employee engagement lies in connecting employees to their co-workers and fostering productive interactions.

With one touch SightCall’s video calling connects the mobile workforce with face-to-face communication that cultivates collaboration and engagement. SightCall brings back the personal communication lost as the workforce distributed.

Enterprise Collaboration Benefits

SightCall makes it easy to add video calling to any enterprise application, and the benefits of improved collaboration are obvious:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve work/life balance
  • Improve employee retention rates
  • Make meetings more productive
Business People Looking At Computer Monitors In Office

On Average, 50% of employees describe themselves as not fully engaged in their work.

18% of employees describe themselves as actively disengaged in their work.

Only 32% of employees describe themselves as engaged.

Over 1,200 Customer Engagements, Let’s see What Some Have to Say?

We love our customers and are fully dedicated to Improving Enterprise Collaboration and increasing employee engagement!

With SightCall’s comprehensive set of APIs, we were able to integrate multi-party videoconferencing within eXo Platform in a matter of hours. That’s right: hours!
Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO, eXo Platform

SightCall turned out to be an excellent choice to integrate a turnkey cloud-based video collaboration offering.
Bertrand Pourcelot, Managing Director, Centile

Enterprise Collaboration Use Cases

Video Recruiting

Video interviews and recruiting has become more and more popular as enterprises and small businesses try to make the hiring process more efficient. Decrease cost per hire Screen candidates faster Record and share video [...]

Video Conferencing Escalation

Employees tend to get involved in email conversations that halt productivity and slow work pace. Coworkers caught in email conversations can easily initiate a multi-party video conference or one to one video call and collaborate [...]